Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bridal Shower Question...?

I have a question today. Is it customary today to give out 'favors' at a bridal shower? The reason why I ask, is that this is constantly changing... yes you do...no you don't. Bride gets all the 'game prizes'..."guests keep all the game prizes"...it goes on and on. I'm telling you - it's like I've been living in a cave! Or maybe that should be a cage...not sure. Open to debate.

I've managed to tackle more things on my 'to do' list. Taxes are done. Invitations are done. Addressed and ready to be mailed. College application - done. Requests for transcripts either done online or the addressed envelopes are on the table, waiting to to to the post office. Snacks/drinks have been bought for The Bug's CRCT week. Dinner has been planned. Went to Wally World this morning (hate that store!) and discovered that they had marked the lantana and wave petunias down to 75 cents each. Not for the little bitty cups, but for a descent size portion (sounds like I'm talking about cake!). So I bought way too many. It's been raining on and off here - but I'm hoping the afternoon clears up so that I can get outside and get them in the ground. I still have the gazillion daffodils to plant as well and I want to divide and move my hostas while the ground is wet.

So let me tell you the other 'bridal shower' oddity that's come up. Apparently the 'younger cousins' got invited to the bridesmaids shower via Facebook...so they decided to invite EVERYBODY to the shower that the bridesmaids are hosting next month. Now, if that's the case, and if my sister and her husband are separated and he's going to file for divorce...do you think his family is going to come to a 'family shower' that I'm hosting at my mother's? Because if it were me, I'd probably just go to the big shower and skip any ackwardness that could occur at the latter shower. Thoughts? Comments? Because you know, we are such a whopping big family...my sister, niece, The Bug, me and my Mom! Heaven help us - maybe that should be my mantra. Not that I don't want to see the other 'family' - I actually get along with them great and so does Mom - but I worry about any 'drama' that might sneak its way onto the scene.

Oh, and finally...has anybody else gotten a few phone calls from an 'unknown number' about something being wrong with their computer and that this person needs you to log on because you could be INFECTED ? I've noticed those calls the past few days - generally I screen my calls - but I did pick up this afternoon. The guy was persistant. I was reading online that it's a scam. Don't give them any information. But curious still - have you encountered this call or a similar call recently?

See, it's just one big ole dramalamafest here today :) Comment away... I need to know what to do.... !

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The Source said...

I think it depends on what you use for game gifts. If they're items the bride needs, like spatulas and cool measuring cups and such, she should get them. If all the prizes are small candles, lotions, etc., the guests should get them. I would do it one way or the other. Letting the guests keep them is a nice idea. But that's just me.

If your shower is going to be small and intimate, I would be hoping that your sister's in-laws don't show up. Yikes! It'll be awkward!

I haven't gotten any of those types of phone calls, but then I never answer the phone. We did get a cool call from our state rep. It was a town-meeting over the phone with about 1200 people on the line. You couldn't speak to each other, but could ask questions and they would go to him and he would answer. Pretty neat.