Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Want To Share...

I was looking around the blogosphere and ended up over at Just A Minute and wanted to share this with you all. Is this COOL or WHAT? I love the idea of unity lately...maybe that should be my word for the year?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When Did I Move to the Windy City?

We are under a wind advisory until sometime this evening. Apparently there's some wind coming from the west... I thought all bad things came from the west, and apparently I'm right! It's whishing and gushing outside the window. And it's COLD if you are in the shade with this wind. Not to mention everyone's on 'alert' because we've had more rain than people are naturally expecting trees to fall left and right because the weather guy says so. Not that I'm knocking safety...or trees. Well, I do knock on wood for good luck some times, but again...another story for another day!

This morning I woke up around 4 with horrible chest pains. After having only slept for maybe 3 hours. I've been up since. No numbness in my limbs, but I have felt uncomfortable. Ate some toast around 6:30 - that may have helped. Started thinking it wasn't so smart to play the human earth mover all day yesterday. Thought about going to the doctor - but to be honest, I hate going to the doctor. They always tell you there's something wrong. Or they think you're crazy and it's all in your head, which was what I was afraid they'd tell me. So I'm supposed to take it easy today, Hubby's orders. That means no digging or playing in the dirt. But I still went and bought my 12 azaleas. I wanted more -but they didn't have this certain one. I took what I could get. Must stalk another Home Depot later!

It is time to get a new cell phone. Not sure though what I want one to do. Dishes would be AWESOME, but seeing how I can't motivate an 11-year old to do them, I don't think the phone's just gonna volunteer. I really don't care about checking my email from my phone or surfing the web...because then I'd have no reason to stay at home. I'd be such a techno nerd it would be unreal. I like a good camera though. Funny - we send pictures back and forth of the most insane things. I do know that I do not want anything remotely similar to my chocolate - which I call my Hello Kitty phone because it's pink. Like Hello Kitty. Who is actually white now that I think of it. Strange huh?

I guess that's where this post will end. Hope you're having a good day in your 100 acre wood - here in Momster Corner we'll just survive our blustery day. ... makes me think of Pooh :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

What A Day...

Wow -ever have one of those days where you keep and keep and keep hitting the snooze button only because you don't want to get up and ride the bike for 30 minutes? Yeah, welcome to my world!

So what's a momster to do? I get up - feed the cat (a mom's gotta have priorities...she keeps my feet warm when it's cold...she gets her breakfast FIRST). Then it's fix the pancakes for The Bug. It's CRCT week. I'm trying to get a medal apparently. :) Then it's upstairs to make sure everything's being done that should be done...which means making sure a certain young lady isn't falling asleep in the bathroom... Mom's old, but she remembers all too well doing that as a kid. Getting myself dressed. Packing the van and heading out the door. Phones charging. Conversations flying. Drop her off at school and decide to head out to price some mulch. And avoiding that dreaded bike ride. Spent the day in fact anywhere but here....

Finally bought some mulch - along with some cooking utensils on sale at Marshalls (where I never seem to shop), deodorant (just wanted you to know I have priorities about smelling good!), a lantana plant to match the one that grows back each year by the mailbox, a flat of pink wave petunias and some other funky looking flower for my wagon in the shade. Come home - change into my 'elephant pant' jeans...that's another story ENTIRELY... grab a PB&J and Diet Dr. Pepper and head down to my parents house to raid the yard of Hostas. Because my Mom apparently loves me...she has let me have free reign on stealing from her multiple flower beds. Brought home an entire cart full of plants - got them all planted before I had to pick The Bug up from school - although I was covered in dirt from the waist down and really needed a shower. Maybe I should have just tied the deodorant from a rope around the rear view mirror...ala soap on a rope!

Well we came home and I went out to see about moving the lantana the mailbox. That was a mistake. That thing has roots that you would not believe! Instead I just covered the roots up and decided instead to dig up and divide the daylilies that were not growing successfully by the driveway. I decided to relocate them to the flower bed where the lantana is planted. So now on both sides of the driveway, we have a mirror image - lantana and daylilies. Fingers crossed that everything survives. Then it's rush inside to get a shower to go to Karate class. To which The Bug was late - had to do pushups - because of me and my digging obsession. We went to Home Depot. Then Chickfila and picked her up to head home.

Got home - you'd think I would have come inside and relaxed right? Instead I changed clothes and went outside to finish planting the rest of the daylilies that I had left along with mulching the hosta bed that I had created. It was well after dark when I came inside. Because that wasn't enough...I decided to dig up the daffodil bulbs that were under the dogwood tree because they just aren't thriving. I watered everything. Come inside finally and took another shower and now am sitting here, prisoner to the computer while I'm running some files. Looking at landscape designs online. I swear, it's become an obsession!

This man stopped out beside the yard while I was working at the mailbox to tell me how much he likes the color of the house now and how it really just 'pops'. We laughed when he told me it made him think of a coffee from Starbucks - it's what I always think. Hubs says it makes him think of a Frosty from Wendys. Either way, I need to take some pictures so that we can document all of our hard work. Each time I'm outside working someone stops to ask what's going on. Someone asked me if we were moving...I kept thinking after all this work, you gotta be kidding me! I'm not digging up and planting over 1500 daffodils for someone else to enjoy my yard!

Tomorrow I am off to buy some azaleas if I can find the ones that I want. I need a lot more mulch. Poison ivy spray. And I am addicted to the idea of using those stupid stacking stones to 'frame' the beds out front. I keep and keep and keep pricing them. But we have so many could be insanely expensive. I'm seriously thinking about starting another area of hostas under the other pear tree... This gardening has become an addiction...nevermind that there are dirty dishes in the kitchen and laundry to be done! But to be honest, I feel so connected to my grandmother while I am out there, crawling around and digging in the dirt. I have been reminded of so many wonderful things about her since this all began.

What about you? Do you enjoy playing in the dirt? OR would you rather just sit and watch someone else do it for you?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day In The Yard...

Exhausted. That's one word to sum up how I feel right now. Recently we've been spending a lot of time working outside in the yard together. Today, Hubs painted some more since we actually had sunshine with very little wind! I took our recyclables in and then came home and got busy planting daffodil bulbs in the front islands. I think I worked a total of maybe 6 hours - planting over 1500 bulbs in just one island. We stopped for about an hour and drove down to my parents house for hot dogs and cake. Not together - but in that order. Then we came back and continued working. The lantana is planted at the driveway and the wave petunias are in their hanging baskets. Moved our 'little wooden cart' and got it prepped to plant some more wave petunias in it as soon as I make another trip to the store. Everything's watered, even though we are expecting rain tonight and tomorrow.

Do you ever feel a little cheated when you put out bulbs? Because you have to wait to reap the benefits of your work. That's how I feel about putting out the irises and the daffodils. It's a lot of work, just to wait to see them blossom in the spring. My lantana is doing well that we planted last week. We are going to shop for some azalea bushes tomorrow to plant in the islands as well since I just trimmed the tree branches that kept grabbing my hair today. Mom has a ton of hostas that are coming up all over her flower bed that I'm going to get one evening this week. I think I ended up planting over 20 hostas the other afternoon and I still have room for more.

And that's my weekend summary. Church tomorrow morning. And tomorrow night. Shopping inbetween. And just being grateful for my three family hanging out for the day.

Be blessed!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fitness/Finance

Good morning! It's a cool morning here - a little too much chill in the air to get outside and tackle any projects, so I am at my parents' house taking down the wallpaper in the master bathroom that is upstairs. All of their bathrooms are wallpapered - but after moving in, we took down the paper in the master downstairs and now I'm tackling up here - several years later. It was a yucky 1980s print with some blue and beige. I'll be glad to have it all down and paint the walls instead!

I've been such a slacker about losing weight lately. I'm really not happy with myself in this area. In fact, it was as if Easter was a big 'pig out fest' that still has not ended! I have got to do something to get back on my 'program' so that I can lose some weight by the summer. I do not desire sweating like a pig at my nephew's outside wedding in July. I don't want to have to sit on an ice block or better yet, run to the restroom every 15 minutes to 'freshen' up. So I am going to have to make myself commit to getting out of the bed every morning and doing my 30 minutes on my bike. Regardless of how I feel. Or how much I love to sleep.

But on the plus size (no weight pun intended) I have been reading Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Revisited. I love it so far. Sure some things totally don't apply to me right now. But it's made me more aware of my spending and saving habits. It's made me sit down and take a good look at our financial picture and make some decisions on how to tackle the things that I do not like. It's made me seriously look at the idea of snowballing our bills. I just have to be committed to this, too.

I have asked The Bug if she'd like to have a Slumber Party sometime soon. You know, so that I can get to know some of the girls that she's always talking about from school. She's not too crazy about the idea - she says it's because she's so focused on the CRCT. ? What? So we'll see what happens. I thought it would be a cool way for the girls to get to hang out at the house and just do whatever she thinks would be good. Rockband. Nails. Whatever. What puzzles me is that if my Mom had said "Well make a list of people and let's see what we can do" I would have been all over that like white on rice. Not quite sure what's up? Obviously it's not my karaoking... Because I rock. ! LOL

Anyway, have a great weekend. Get outside and soak up some sunshine. Wiggle your toes in the freshly mowed grass. Come down and help me plant those darned daffodil bulbs!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bridal Shower Question...?

I have a question today. Is it customary today to give out 'favors' at a bridal shower? The reason why I ask, is that this is constantly changing... yes you you don't. Bride gets all the 'game prizes'..."guests keep all the game prizes" goes on and on. I'm telling you - it's like I've been living in a cave! Or maybe that should be a cage...not sure. Open to debate.

I've managed to tackle more things on my 'to do' list. Taxes are done. Invitations are done. Addressed and ready to be mailed. College application - done. Requests for transcripts either done online or the addressed envelopes are on the table, waiting to to to the post office. Snacks/drinks have been bought for The Bug's CRCT week. Dinner has been planned. Went to Wally World this morning (hate that store!) and discovered that they had marked the lantana and wave petunias down to 75 cents each. Not for the little bitty cups, but for a descent size portion (sounds like I'm talking about cake!). So I bought way too many. It's been raining on and off here - but I'm hoping the afternoon clears up so that I can get outside and get them in the ground. I still have the gazillion daffodils to plant as well and I want to divide and move my hostas while the ground is wet.

So let me tell you the other 'bridal shower' oddity that's come up. Apparently the 'younger cousins' got invited to the bridesmaids shower via they decided to invite EVERYBODY to the shower that the bridesmaids are hosting next month. Now, if that's the case, and if my sister and her husband are separated and he's going to file for you think his family is going to come to a 'family shower' that I'm hosting at my mother's? Because if it were me, I'd probably just go to the big shower and skip any ackwardness that could occur at the latter shower. Thoughts? Comments? Because you know, we are such a whopping big sister, niece, The Bug, me and my Mom! Heaven help us - maybe that should be my mantra. Not that I don't want to see the other 'family' - I actually get along with them great and so does Mom - but I worry about any 'drama' that might sneak its way onto the scene.

Oh, and finally...has anybody else gotten a few phone calls from an 'unknown number' about something being wrong with their computer and that this person needs you to log on because you could be INFECTED ? I've noticed those calls the past few days - generally I screen my calls - but I did pick up this afternoon. The guy was persistant. I was reading online that it's a scam. Don't give them any information. But curious still - have you encountered this call or a similar call recently?

See, it's just one big ole dramalamafest here today :) Comment away... I need to know what to do.... !

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shower Invitation

Hello! Today I wanted to post a picture of the exterior picture on the shower invitation for my future niece's bridal shower. Granted, this was the mock-up. She has brown hair, so we were able to manipulate the final picture to change the color of her hair. And you might be able to detect the slight hint of glitter in the picture. We used some glitter dust to give things that 'polished kitchen' look. Overall, I am happy with the effect. It's not what I had originally planned but I think this fits the whole' modern housewife' 50s theme that I'm after.

The inside of the card simply has the details about the shower and I used some cute microsoft kitchen clipart of utensils to frame the details. I'm enclosing a card asking that the guests send me their favorite 'home cooked' recipes so that I can compile them into a scrapbook for the bride-to-be. I saw a cute idea where someone said they always give the bride or new mom a 'booklet' of things related to the shower...The invitation, any games, some pages for someone to record the gifts received...that sort of stuff. I also want to go through all of my pictures of my nephew and burn them to a cd so that she will have those. Hubs seems to have brought very few pictures into our marriage - and pictures and picture taking are something that I've always enjoyed. I just hope that I have time to get all this done, in addition to meeting with with my nephew when he's home on leave to get to record his answers to our 'newlywed you don't know joseph' game. See, I have too many ideas...and probably not enough time to get them all completed!

We had a mini meeting about the shower at my parents after eating Easter brunch yesterday. I told my niece, sister and mom that I will feel much better when we get an idea of what we are going to serve at the shower because I have a lot of deadlines coming up and although I can get some great ideas for things....sometimes I lack the time to really follow through. So my goal is to be READY.

I've managed to tackle some of the things on my to-do list as well. I have finally finished filing our state taxes and I've completed my parents' taxes as well. I guess that I should be grateful for the fact that I am capable of doing taxes - but I don't do them for anybody else outside of my family. Too risky when you deal with other people's money. The wall in the kitchen has been repainted and everything is back in its place. Invitations done. The rest of the day is about cleaning up the downstairs here at home. Kitchen. Straighten the pantry. Clean out the dining room. Vacuum everything. Straighten the living room. Go through the coat closets and the game/movies closet, too. Wish me luck.

As an added bonus - I've decided that I need to get rid of 27 things today - so here goes. Let's see what's sitting around that I can give the boot...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Sunday

God loved the world (and us) so much, that He gave his one and only son. Anyone who believes in Him will not die but will have eternal life. John 3:16 NIV

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Catching Up...

After spending the better part of an hour catching up on reading blogs, I thought I'd post a little message. Not much is new here. We are winding down from Spring Break - with record cold temperatures and lots of rain this past week. The exterior painting has been postponed more days because of the miserable weather. Last Saturday it was too windy, so instead we did yard work. I planted maybe 300 irises around the 'islands' in our front yard...let's hope that they grow next spring. I have a gazillion day lily bulbs in the garage that need to go out as well. I need to head out and divide my hostas but that's probably an activity to take on this next week as I want to divide and move them. Maybe the weather will cooperate?

I should be up and getting things ready for Easter. Instead here I sit. Hubs is painting a wall in the kitchen. We decided to put an outlet on our landing, but to do so, we had to go through a wall...and the kitchen wall was obviously the best choice. After all, it's the longest stretch of wall in the house - but it also had some 'flaws' so we decided it was the best choice. So as the paint is drying, he decided to take the frig out of its place and paint behind it as well. So the frig is unplugged and sitting in front of the dishwasher and we can't reach the oven. So I guess boiling eggs is going to have to wait. I hate this procrastination side that we seem to have. It's really annoying!

On the brighter side, we'll be going to my parents house tomorrow for lunch after church. My 'assignments' were easy this year. 2 pies and a cantaloupe. ? You read that right. Thank you Kroger for having everything on sale. I had planned on making cupcakes for The Bug to take to her Sunday School class in the morning, but if I can't get to the oven... ? I still need to look around the attic and find her basket as well and make sure I've got everything that we need. She had a friend spend the night last night so until we take her home, I guess I'm not going to the store.

Bridal shower update - the invitations are almost finished. When I'm done, I'll post a picture here. I think they turned out really cute. It's not my original idea, but it works. Now I just need to get them in the mail and start working on the other stuff that I can do beforehand. My sister is not having surgery so now I feel guilty about postponing my parents' anniversary party so I guess I need to firm up a day for that and start making calls/arrangements, too. And then there's the college application deadline that's looming over my head. I really need to get on the ball. But apparently it's that procrastination problem again... welcome to my world!

I really think that I should make myself sit down and make a list of things that need to be done. Maybe then I would have a little bit of success when it comes to marking things off of my list. Maybe that'll be my birthday resolution this year - to actually accomplish the things that I put on my list - because I do better with making resolutions now than I do when I make them in January...

What about you? What do you procrastinate over? The Bug told me that when she asks me a question lately, my standard answer is "We'll see....".