Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're looking a little yellow....and green!

Wow - what happened to our gorgeous springtime weather? Okay, at least the nice weather that happened in the middle of all the rain? I mean, I was beginning to think about building a raft, just in case. Even though I live up a hill (of sorts)... there were little 'lakes' forming everywhere! But for the past few days, we've been living in a fog...of yellow. Pollen. Nasty stuff that makes my car look sorta yellow. And my car is burgundy in its original state. Sunday afternoon I went to open the garage door and noticed a dust cloud of yellow billowing by. At my parents house, you can see tracks through the pollen on their nice clean (or was clean) driveway. It's insanity! It's making me sneeze and feel all blah. But guess what? The rain is returning today... I think I'd rather have miniature lakes all around than live in a yellow world. It doesn't go with my hair...

Okay, so update time before I get to the big news around here. And no...I'm not pregnant. As you may have read, my parents' 50th anniversary is coming up in May. We were supposed to plan a reception....but now my sister is apparently planning on having surgery. So my precious Mom called me Saturday morning and said she and Daddy had talked it over and that it would be better to wait. We could easily do it in the fall. Well after my nephew's wedding. Which is okay...but I sort of feel like my parents are being cheated. But I can understand how she feels. So that's on the backburner although I have decided to not let that detour the planning. Because they finally came clean that they did not really like what my sister had thought would be a good idea...and I have been frantically trying to find a place to have a reception, all the while avoiding the church fellowship hall option because it's too tiny for what they have in mind. Wish me luck!

Next....I am hosting the shower for my nephew's side of the family. In June. Yes, I know that's a while off...but at the same time, I need to get on the ball because I have application deadlines in June. I'll have to be interviewed and do a big-time writing assessment before I can be accepted. Hubs is considering driving out to Washington state to meet his stepmother. He has not seen her since he was a little boy. His Dad died when he was a young man and he wants to go out where his Dad eventually moved and see where he is buried and where he lived the last few years of his life. His stepmother kept all of these things of his Dad's that she wants to give to him and I think that is extremely nice of her (for keeping them and offering them to him) since his Dad died in 1979 and she has since remarried. She said she even has a toy that had been his when he was little that his Dad always kept - his parents had a bitter divorce (which is another story). So we'll see ... if we do drive out there though we want to go to Arizona and see his Aunt Jackie. So time will tell.

But back to the bridal shower. I have an idea of what I'd like to do for Danielle but am not sure if I can pull it all together and pull it off. I want to give them a kitchen shower. With a 1950s housewife theme. Their kitchen colors are black and white with a lot of stainless steel and some red. I've gotten some decorating ideas from Hostess with The Mostess. I've talked it over with my sister to see what she thinks. You know, we'll do '50s types of foods and all. You know, the whole housewife in heels and pearls, cooking a meal without breaking a sweat. Probably sounds corny...but I am trying to work out the details on the invitation. I had found a picture online that I'd like to use, but I need to figure out how to change the colors to red, black and white. I might have to go with a backup plan. Which is probably insane. I thought about doing the entire invite as a paperpiecing. Create a black and white floor that looks like tile. Figure out how to paperpiece cabinets and a frig. I have the paperdoll that would be perfect and very "Danielle' like and I think it would be really cute, if I can make it all work out. It's something that I had thought about working on today...but instead I haven't accomplished anything other than going to Walmart for milk and Joanns to cruise the craft supplies. But for those crafty people, and those not-so-crafty, do you think this might work? Would a themed shower like this be fun? Or a flop?

And the big news - and why we are seeing GREEN. Last night when we dropped Bug at Karate, we were told that she was going to get promoted. Usually we walk the golf paths while she's in class or run to the store. Instead we got into the van and drove out to get a disposable camera because for once mine was at home. She was thrilled and totally did NOT expect it to happen last night. Walter seems to be very impressed with her. I am amazed at how well she seems to remember all of the different combinations that he has taught her. She's usually the person in class that he has demonstrate the combinations and he uses her as an example on how to spar or work with another classmate. While she constantly seems to grumble on Monday nights, she loves it once she's there and has a blast. I wish I had the camera so that I could see the pictures today. She is now a 5th Kyu. I hope this is something that she continues until she gets her black belt. Funny, I would have never thought I'd care if my daughter took karate, but one thing I know - she could defend herself far better than I if someone were to attack us. And I love the discipline that he insists on in the Doju!

so that's it for now. Sorry to be so long winded.

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The Source said...

Congrats to the Bug! Good job on moving up in Karate, girlie! Keep going!

I think the 50's shower sounds absolutely adorable and lots of fun! Please put up photos if you decide to do it. I'd love to see how it turns out!

Oh...and we're drowning in pollen, too. Everyone's taking their Zyrtec or Claritin and sneezing their heads off.