Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This morning my good friend D from down the street called to see if I wanted to work with her at the preschool but I couldn't - because the orthodontist's office called yesterday afternoon and changed our repair appointment - and I was relaying this 411 to Hubs when he told me that they had called again and had left a message that the appointment was back to Wednesday afternoon. Confused yet? Yeah, so am I. So anyway, I proceeded on with my day, feeling completely bummed because a girl's gotta buy eggs, milk and bread ya know? when Hubs calls and asks me to open the front door and see if the paint comes off. He had painted the front door last night, along with all the shutters, but had to put the door back into the frame, otherwise the glass 'screen' door might not be enough security for a paranoid soul such as mine. So I opened the door and the paint stayed on it. He asked me to leave the door opened all day and let the paint 'cure'. So imagine if you will our conversation tonight around the dinner table.
"What did you do today?"

"Oh, I was going to go to work, but instead I decided to sit around and
watch paint dry...it was exciting!!!"

It's all in the daily life of a slacker!

I thought I'd use this time to get some things out of the way that I've been sort of putting off. I need to go outside and clean off the front porch, but it's very overcast and cold out there right now so instead I'm opting to catch up on some more emails and some bloggy reading. The world has been extremely busy these past few months that I've been sorta MIA. I also need to start the online application process for State so that I can get everything in by the deadline for admissions and start to get everything into place to apply to their College of Education. I spoke with the program coordinator yesterday and she told me that there are always about a handful of 'older' students who take the courses. That I won't be alone! Hallelujah which is important to me for some reason. I mean, I know when teaching you're surrounded by younger students obviously but I don't want to spend the next two years of my life being the old lady in the room. The Momma Hen. I am excited though about the prospect of getting on with my plans. I do worry that so many school systems are making cuts right now...but I hope that by the time I am finished, things will be a little bit better and I'll be able to find a job. If not, I'll look at going into corporate training. I've known a lot of teachers who have done that when they've felt the need for a career change.

I have started doing The Love Dare to Hubs. Let me just say that it's been interesting. The first day, you are not allowed to say anything 'negative' to your spouse. You know, like "why can't you put the toilet seat down?" or "Could you stop putting the empty milk cartoon back into the frig?" Well at least that's my extent of 'mean' things that could be said. I am enjoying it so far - but today I have to take a few minutes and make a list of things that I like about him...and things that I don't like about him. For some reason, this makes me nervous.... Not that anybody will ever see those lists....it's just strange. I had suggested that my sister do the Love Dare to her husband, who has now been out of their home for a little more than two weeks. I told her, even if he's not there, do it. Even if you don't talk to him, do it. The book states basically that the 40 days can be used to rebuild or strengthen a marriage and that you will feel a tremendous blessing when completed. Even my Mom is thinking about doing it for Daddy. Only time will tell...but I do know one thing, we could all use the blessings right now and nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So tune in tomorrow for Wednesday's Words. I'm sort of enjoying this process. I always like lyrics, sometimes much more than the songs. I also like quotes. Poetry. So after a while I'll venture away from the music and into something else. Hope to see ya around tomorrow. Until then, be blessed and be a blessing!

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