Friday, March 13, 2009

Fitness Fridays

I don't know about where you are in the blogosphere, but we have been experiencing some lovely weather here in the south-east. T-shirt and shorts weather. Where your head starts thinking about sunscreen and tanning lotions. Then you start thinking about swimsuits...and you find yourself dragging out those jogging shoes to go for a brisk walk. Because you've got some love handles to deal with!

I have recently been sick. In the turmoil of being ill and taking what felt like A LOT of medicines, I have realized something...cold medicines make you hungry. You eat. And eat. And eat. And gain back some of the glorious weight that you managed to get off in the first place. And then you realize if you keep going at this rate.... first off, Walmart might actually sell out of peanut butter and most importantly, those skinny Levis that are hanging in your closet might not fit so well next time you pour yourself into them. So you can do one of two things. Buy bigger jeans ...and why do that when you've just dropped off a ton of pants at the donations center ... or seriously get yourself back on the program and making a new commitment to lose more weight (including what you've gained back). Hey, did you notice how I went from talking in 1st person to talking in the 3rd? Like I'm my own personal drill sargeant here. Blah!

Anyway, I wanted to report this past week has been a little bit difficult but I'm losing weight. I managed to lose half of what I had gained back by Wednesday. I'll weigh later Friday morning and see how I'm done for a total weight loss for the week report which will be editing in. I have been riding my bike, although not every day. I am planning on dragging out my Pilates DVD and starting back to doing that soon. We have a weight machine on the covered porch - so I just need to find the guide to remember how to connect all of the cables. If I get that together, it's like having my own personal gym right outside the living room door!

What about you? How are your weight loss or fitness goals coming along? Are you counting calories? Doing weight watchers or jenny craig? Walking, running, or just sleeping in? Leave us a comment.

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