Thursday, March 12, 2009

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down...

Not really. But it feels like it. Remember way back when I mentioned that my shelf in the bonus room closet snapped in two? Because of all the weight in there on the rod from the clothes that were stored in it along with all the craft and holiday stuff that I had placed on top of the cheaply constructed shelf that we never replaced once we bought our house? Well, guess what? The shelf in the other closet started to fall and so now we have two big closets with no shelves. Or rather we have one closet with no shelves and another closet with a shelf that is holding on for its dear life because I haven't taken out the screws to remove everything yet. So that Hubs can put up the new shelves that we bought this past weekend. So that hopefully I can have ample storage space inside one of the closets. And maybe I'll wean out more of the craft stuff that's been sitting in there since we bought the house several years ago.

But not only are there changes in the bonus room closets... he demolished the railing on our front porch this evening. I don't know what I think about this. I mean, I liked my rails around my porch. Very few houses in our neighborhood even have front porches. We have always had white railing - here and at our other house. But no more. They are gone. Finished. Kaput. In fact, as I am typing this, he is outside washing the front porch and the windows in preparation to actually start painting the exterior of our house. Did I mention the weather guy is predicting rain this weekend? It always rains or gets insanely cold when he decides to start this kind of project. Poor guy - he can't seem to catch a break with the weather. I mean, we are that crazy house that has had no shutters out front since October - because he was going to paint the house back then, you know before it got to be so cold here, until winter came a little bit too early. Or it rained every weekend or when he took time off during the week.

I think he has Tool Man fever right now. He's talking about how he'd love to remodel our bathroom, too to give us a bigger closet. That sounds lovely, but sweetheart, there's a recession going on...remember? Not that I am complaining. I'm grateful to be married to someone who enjoys doing things around the house. I enjoy working on these projects together as a family.

I'll try to sneak around tomorrow and take some pictures of the demolition out front. One thing I know for sure though...this firms up where I'll be hosting my future niece's bridal shower... afterall, since he is working on the house again, who knows, we might just get a blizzard!

What about you? Taking on any big spring time projects?

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