Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What? Speak Louder - I Can't Hear YOU!!!

What is it about being sick that allows one's ears to stop working? In this case, I am talking about myself. My ears are all stopped up and I've just about had it! Okay, that's enough complaining...but if you have a cure aside from chewing gum...please share it with me. I would so like to be able to hear something today aside from myself sniffling!

On the homefront, everyone seems to be feeling better. Hubs is at work, The Bug is at school. The cat is asleep on her perch here beside the window and adjacent to the computer desk. I am doing laundry and considering running upstairs and opening all the bedroom windows to air things out even though it's in the low 30s outside. I hate the feeling of being cooped up in the house.

Interesting tidbit to share. While watching The Today Show this morning, they were discussing the current banking crisis and Suze Orman pointed out that at the end of 2009 the FDIC is going back to their insurance agreement of 100,000 from 250,000 this year. That means if you've got more than 100,000 tied up in one bank, you need to move some of your money around. This also applies to CDs.... so it's worth taking note of this information and perhaps passing this along to anyone that you know who regularly buys CDs .

I feel 'random' today so I'll end here. Found out that apparently they are already in talks to make a third Twilight movie, which will be released NEXT summer. That will set the Bug's heart a-flutter. :) Stay warm.

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Slacker MOM II said...

Just wondering if you are as worried as I am with the FDIC lowering the limits. I suppose I will have to bank at many banks. Go DAVE RAMSEY!!!!!!
Hope you are feeling better. If you need anything, please call me. And BTW, work was great today....