Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Kids Need To Know - Clothes

Now I'm not talking about knowing what Apple Bottom Jeans (or even boots with the fur) are all about... I'm talking about knowing how to take care of certain clothing emergencies (without screaming M O M M Y!). Hopefully you'll find some of this as helpful....

  • Sew on a button
  • Mend a seam
  • Store garments properly
  • Follow fabric-care labels
  • Do laundry, including treating simple stains
  • Wash and dry items by hand
  • Fold clothes
  • Pack a suitcase
  • Sort and properly put away unneeded seasonal items

And those are the tips for today. To be honest, I have sheltered The Bug when it comes to taking care of clothes. She does know how to sew on a button, thanks probably to the Home Ec teacher. Mending a seam we haven't come across although I told her that I need to hem her slacks that she wore to church on Sunday morning so we may do that together rather than taking them and having them done. She has never done the laundry...there's something about her doing the laundry that scares me. I don't want all of my socks to be pink...unless they are, of course, pink! She can fold clothes, but often times they just end up in a stack on her dresser. Her idea lately of packing a suitcase...well let's just say, there'd be no clothes in there if it were up to her. So maybe I need to apply this knowledge to myself. Or I'm going to end up with a thirty year old living in my basement one day....perish the thought!!!!

Tune in tomorrow - we'll learn about what they should know how to do around the house.

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The Source said...

**evil laugh** Why do you think I had four kids?? So someone else could do laundry! :) All of mine know how to wash and they do it regularly, including towels. And they better NOT turn something pink or they'll be the ones wearing it in public! I'm mean like that.
Seriously, they do know how to wash clothes. I figure that's a skill they're always going to need...and the boys' wives will appreciate it one day.