Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Kids Need To Know - Car

Today's the last "What Kids Need To Know"...which means I can toss this old article! YEAH!!!

  • pump gas
  • check oil level and add oil if needed
  • check washer fluid and add more if necessary
  • arrange routine maintenance
  • jump-start car
  • change tire
  • check and add air to tires
  • produce documents if stopped by police

Hopefully someone will find these tips useful. I've never used those stations where an attendant pumps your gas...although I have NO IDEA who taught me how to pump gas... I think it was a hands-on practice. I have no idea how to change a tire though.... maybe I should add that to my to-do list.

Hubs went back to work today. The Bug is still feeling under the weather and has spent the day playing video games and watching TV. I have not accomplished my goals this week for the most part, but things have been going along rather well. Tomorrow I am going to work on moving all my scrapbook stuff back upstairs and deep cleaning the downstairs. Isn't life fun?

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