Sunday, February 22, 2009


We recently took advantage of the free admissions offered by a 'nature retreat' on our vicinity. It was a great day spent outdoors and although it was cool, it was comfortable. We had the opportunity to visit a butterfly house. As we should around waiting patiently for a butterfly to hopefully land on us, we were about to give up hope when the following happened: That's right - as we are standing there - actually with a butterfly hovering over my head, we realized that one had landed on The Bug's vest. I told her to wear yellow - I thought they would like that. She had taken the vest off though because it was so warm in the room that we were in. But did you notice the GRIN on her face? She was a like a celebrity for the amount of time that the flutterby was visiting with her.

The neat thing about this butterfly - see how it's just your ordinary brown? Well, look at what you see when it decides to open its wings....

Isn't that a gorgeous display of the wonder and splendor of God's work? You first seem something ordinary on the outside - but if you are patient enough, you'll experience the splendor of what is just have to wait.

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