Sunday, January 18, 2009


My daughter has a favorite word. Random. She uses it several times a day.... examples:
"Now THAT was just random" or "We were eating lunch when Julie started acting random" or "This random dude came up to me in the hall today and told me...." R A N D O M. It takes on several different meanings with her. Noun, verb, name it.

But I have my own form of random. It's when I don't really know what I want to write about, but I feel led to write something. So here are some random things that have been going on in our lives lately...
  1. I am not enrolled in any classes this semester. My advisor really did a number on me in our first meeting and being the person that I am, I didn't question her at the time. But eventually all things come about and it turns out that I was told some wrong information. By the time that was revealed (after a BIG meeting on campus with some of the BIG CHEESES) she enrolled me in classes that were WAY too early in the morning - not to mention that they had already met for three weeks. After prayer and consideration, I withdrew from the classes and called the registrar's office to see if I needed to do anything to formally withdraw from the school. I won't be going back. My Mom, in her infinite wisdom, pointed out to me that apparently it was not in God's plan.
  2. Speaking of God's plan, I am waiting for him to direct me down another path. I've checked with several other colleges and have narrowed my choices for the summer semester. Two choices that I have are private schools. One has 11 classes that I would be required to complete before beginning my first block. The other, well their admissions person was so nice - he told me if I could send them a copy of my classes, he would have the registrar take a look at what I might need and get back with me. I forwarded him the breakdown that the head of education program where I had been attending had sent to me. So we'll see. I am hoping that it's not 11 classes as well! My other three choices are public universities. One is the college that I just graduated from. The other is between here at 'downtown' and the other choice is actually where Hubs works. Four of the five colleges offer Early Childhood Education as a major and the one that is between here and downtown offers middle school grades 4-8. I'm fine either way. I'm just praying that God will open the door to where I need to be.
  3. The UIC is no longer The UIC. He has resigned from the positions that he holds with the local ball association. It's in the best interest of our family and we've talked about this for many hours and to be honest, I think we are all relieved. The Doodlebug is glad that he'll be home more, I'm glad that he'll be home more and I think he's glad that he'll be home as well. Now we have to come up with him a new name. LOL
  4. We have been attending church services at a church that is very near to our house. This past week we started attending a new members information class that they have every few months. We have one more class to attend, but this morning we decided to move our church membership to this church as a family. I am glad that we have found a new church home where we all enjoy attending services. I love the minister and his wife and he has been a great source for us in the past months when our marriage was suffering. It meant a lot to us both that he would take the time to contact us each even though we were not members of the congregation at the church.

That's probably more randomness than should be allowed on a Sunday afternoon. I've missed you guys!


Jo said...

I have missed you too!
My 13 yr old son uses the word random a lot too, can get annoying at times. lol

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Well I have to agree with your mom. For some reason you were not supposed to go this semester, But I'm sure the direction will be clear again soon. Love when the kids get stuck on certain words. Chelsea's as of late has been hence.... but come to think of it, I can't think of one that Zach has been using. Must pay closer attention

The Source said...

Sorry that things got all messed up with school...but I have faith they'll work out the very best in the long run. You're going to make a great teacher!

I'm glad to hear that y'all found a church home. It's wonderful that all three of you are comfortable there and feel welcome! A caring pastor is so important.

And I'm happy that you and He Who Has To Be Renamed are going to get to spend more time together.