Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Monday...

Today has been the day of multiple appointments. Hubs had an appointment with his Dr this morning for a cholesterol check and physical. Fun! Then The Doodlebug had an appointment with the orthodontist where she had a bracket reattached and some super hardware put onto her upper deck to 'squeeze' the teeth together. Funny...first we e x p a n d them and now we want to squeeze them together. But the hygienist today told me that she is exactly on track where she should be. Nah nee nah nee to the last one who harassed my poor child about having so many brackets come loose - turns out it wasn't her fault! HA! And did you know, research shows if a child has any orthodontic work and drinks carbonated drinks within 24 hours, it can lessen the holding power of the cement? Oh yes it can. We are on a carbon free diet around here for at least 72 hours - per request and that's what I did the last time. I figure the longer the better!

So I have discovered two things lately that I just really want to share with you. First, my Mom bought a Shark steamer and let me tell you - I LOVE it. She let me borrow it to test run it in our bathroom. Because my house has this bone colored shower stall that is a pain to clean. But the SHARK did the job. And then I used it on the shower doors in The Doodlebug's powder room and again, success. Heck, I even used it to see how it would do on the bathroom mirrors and it was great! Mom wanted it because their bathrooms downstairs are all tiled and she hates the grout ... so that's the next place where we'll be using it.

The second thing is the Remington Wet to Dry straightening iron. Oh my goodness - I am in LOVE with this thing! I bought it at Christmas time, wondering how it would work on The Doodlebug's massively thick, body-filled hair. It is great. I've even used it on my hair and liked the results. It's amazing how quickly it works - even on wet -straight from the shower - hair. Her hair looks smoother and longer...we are in love with this item. If we could figure out how to try it on Hubs or the cat, they'd be our next victims!

So that being said, it's time to round up the little girl and rush her off to the shower. Turn in later this week - I'll be sharing a quick and easy recipe for an Easy Coffee Cake, sharing some more information about how to organize and clean up your financial clutter and sharing with you a deep compelling question the Doodlebug asked me that our pastor ended up talking about in the service yesterday. (See, I'm trying to do better about blogging since I've got all this TIME on my HANDS!)

Until the next time...enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends and most importantly find something to do where you enjoy yourself.

Smiles -

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