Friday, January 9, 2009

FINANCIAL Fitness for Friday

Good morning! I know that last year I had started making Fridays about Fitness here at the Slacker Mom's blog, and I hope to get back on track with that in the near future. But I also realize that our nation is going through a period of time where we are all worried about money in some form or fashion. I seem to worry about finances a lot more when I find something to share that I think can help us all out, I hope that someone out there will find it useful.

Today, tips is as follows:

This morning on The Today Show, Suze Orman came on to give some financial advice. She is sharing a book, that you can download FOR FREE, from the Oprah website that is an action plan for 2009.... click HERE to go and download it for yourself. If you click HERE you can also read her 5 steps for financial success.

Yesterday, Carmen Wong Ulrich was on The Today Show and she shared some information regarding some free financial workbooks that are available HERE.

I know a lot of people also follow Dave Ramsey's plan and after my friend D at SlackermomII was telling me about his book that she read I have decided that I need to locate a copy of it at the library.

So what about you? Do you budget? If you do, how well do you stick to the budget that you have in place? Or are you spiralling out of control? Come on, be honest...we are all friends here and who knows? maybe we'll learn something along the way!

Until the next time... it's me...trying to be a little bit less of the Slacker that I am :)

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