Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merrry CHRISTmas Dear Friends!

We try each year to go to a local church and enjoy their Christmas Pageant. This was performed this past year during the 'intermission' of sorts.

This Christmas has been incredible...if you don't factor in the fact that it has been warm and rainy today. We awoke this morning, to our first holiday where the truth about Santa has been revealed, and opened presents. Everyone seemed very happy with their gifts and then later we loaded up and drove to my parents house to have Christmas with them and my sister's family.

In closing, I want to extend an invitation to you. I would like to ask you to watch the following is a performance to Lifehouse's Everything. So often at this time of the year, we wonder where the spirit of Christmas has gone. I find myself even feeling the same way - especially this year. But last night at the Christmas Eve service at church our beloved minister said it was important that we remember that Jesus Christ was not born so that we could celebrate His birth - He was born so that you and I could celebrate Easter.

I pray that the spirit of the season is with you today and everyday. Be blessed to be a blessing dear ones!

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