Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ho-Ho-Holiday Shopping

Dashing to the mall.... fa la la fa la la ----everybody sing along now. Actually our shopping has been pretty easy so long as the delivery truck gets in soon . As in before I have a hemmorage.

I have a question though for any of you who have purchased trampolines. What kind do you have? Size? Springs? Any thoughts on it in general? Darling Daughter wants one... so I am trying to gather all the information that I might need.

Thanks. Hope you're having a wonderful day.


Scrappy Girl said...

We have the 13' that was on sale at Walmart during last year's black friday...the kids loved it...but it bent on one side when our teenage neighbor jumped on it. Definitely get the enclosure to keep the kids safely on the trampoline!

The Source said...

We don't have a trampoline. The Hubby believes that their too dangerous. Because when we were teenagers, my cousin bit his tongue in two and had to have it reattached...and also broke his ankle.