Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Are You Doing New Year's ?

I was reading at my friend slackermom2's blog earlier today. She was talking about what she had hoped that her blog would become over this past year. It feels just like yesterday we were joking around, chatting on AIM, when we decided on a whim to both begin blogging. I don't really know what I had expected either. Who would want to hear the ramblings of an insane full-time student, full-time mom, full-time wife, full-time daughter in this crazy world?

But I'm so glad that I took this road. Blogging has been a wonderful way to record the events (and not-so-eventful) moments of our life this past year. It has been a great form of cheap therapy for this slackermom to be able to come hear and talk about what is on my mind...or what has been on my TV. If it weren't for blogging, I might not have ever picked up Twilight! Imagine that!!!

So as we wind down this year and get ready to march forward into 2009, I am thinking what will my blog become? I've been neglecting it lately but I haven't really had much to share. Maybe this new year will find me expressing more about my faith. Or maybe I'll just continue with these mind boggling posts that I know have you thinking ... "and SHE wants to teach the leaders of tomorrow? You have GOT to be kidding me!"

What about you? What's on your 'To DO" list for 2009? Making resolutions? Setting goals? Getting serious about anything? Be sure to tune in later ... I'll reveal my list eventually. I like making lists....it's the sticking to them that's a little easier said than done.

Until the next time. Be blessed to be a blessing in the lives that you touch. May God keep you and yours safe as we venture into 2009.

God bless,
Slacker Mom

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merrry CHRISTmas Dear Friends!

We try each year to go to a local church and enjoy their Christmas Pageant. This was performed this past year during the 'intermission' of sorts.

This Christmas has been incredible...if you don't factor in the fact that it has been warm and rainy today. We awoke this morning, to our first holiday where the truth about Santa has been revealed, and opened presents. Everyone seemed very happy with their gifts and then later we loaded up and drove to my parents house to have Christmas with them and my sister's family.

In closing, I want to extend an invitation to you. I would like to ask you to watch the following video...it is a performance to Lifehouse's Everything. So often at this time of the year, we wonder where the spirit of Christmas has gone. I find myself even feeling the same way - especially this year. But last night at the Christmas Eve service at church our beloved minister said it was important that we remember that Jesus Christ was not born so that we could celebrate His birth - He was born so that you and I could celebrate Easter.

I pray that the spirit of the season is with you today and everyday. Be blessed to be a blessing dear ones!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot...

Like Christmas? Well, sorta. Considering there's a tree in the living room and stockings by the fire place. But this is the first year since we have lived here that we have not decorated the outside of the house. I feel guilty - it's something we usually look forward to each year but there just has not been enough time. There's always next year...

I finished up my classes last week - and got my grades on Monday. I somehow managed to pull an A in my Biology class and a high B in Astronomy. Miracles of the season if you ask me. Those were two really hard classes to take at the same time. I've also been accepted to a college where i will finish my final 15 months and be well on my way to teaching! I have to go to meet with an advisor on Thursday at their main campus and will attend classes at one of the more local campuses so that will be nice for the gas budget around here!

Almost finished with the Christmas shopping as I just have a few things to pick up. I feel like I am racing against the clock this year. The local school lets the kids out starting Friday so I really need to make sure I've gotten everything under control by then. My Dad is having some health issues with his artificial valve and it has made this holiday season a little bit harder on all of us.

I will try to check in more often with everyone at least until my next round of classes. Until then, I wish you one and all a Merry Christmas. :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ho-Ho-Holiday Shopping

Dashing to the mall.... fa la la fa la la ----everybody sing along now. Actually our shopping has been pretty easy so far...as long as the delivery truck gets in soon . As in before I have a hemmorage.

I have a question though for any of you who have purchased trampolines. What kind do you have? Size? Springs? Any thoughts on it in general? Darling Daughter wants one... so I am trying to gather all the information that I might need.

Thanks. Hope you're having a wonderful day.