Monday, November 24, 2008

Have You Twilight-ed yet?

Oh my goody goodness! I picked The Doodlebug up from her grandparents today and surprised her by taking her to see Twilight after my morning class. Let me just say - I thought it was incredible! We had originally thought we wouldn't get to see it until Wednesday - didn't dare attempt the theaters Friday night, as that was also date night around here, but we went this afternoon....

I thought it was great. I think the casting was great and now I'm excited to find out that Summit Entertainment is in talks to produce New Moon...ah! More Twilighty goodness :)

BTW, I think I still have claw marks on my arm from when The Doodlebug attacked me when "Edward" walked onto the scene. And you should have heard the lady sitting behind us -she had me in stitches! All in all, I'm glad that we saw it. I'm glad that I had read the books beforehand, too. In a word :A W E S O M E !

And with that, I'll bid you all a goodnight. Enjoy your Gobble Gobble this week. And thank you all for your continued prayers. I really do appreciate them. Hopefully I'll be around a little more frequently.

Big hugs,
The Momster


Scrappy Girl said...

I loved the movie too! It was so great! I hate that you are having problems...I think about you often. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

The Source said...

Haven't Twilighted yet. You never told me how to lose 30 pounds in a month! I've been walking miles and miles for three months and only lost 8. Ugh! I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You're still in my prayers.

sheila said...

My daughter saw it and loved it, but did mention that she thought there was WAY less kissing in the movie then in the book. hmmmmm