Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy (Belated) Halloween

Hi bloggy buddies:

I hope this message finds you all feeling relaxed and ready for the upcoming holiday season. We had a great Halloween here. My parents came down and gave out candy while we went trick-or-treating. Sadly, there were not a lot of kids out in our neighborhood. I think it's odd that some years we have A LOT of kids and others, it's like a slow drip.

The Doodlebug had two of her friends come over to go begging for candy with her. They had a good time. One friend went as a karate person - she actually just came over from her karate class. ????? Her other friend went as Autumn, Mother Nature's daughter...aka she was a fairy. The Doodlebug went as the Midnight Fairy. Her costume was really easy to make once I figured out how to make a tutu. But imagine how crazy I looked while sitting in the car rider line Friday afternoon - tying on all the tulle to make the skirt! Yes, nothing like waiting till the last minute!

We didn't decorate the house this year and I'm disappointed in that. There's always next year though to make everything feel especially 'fall-like'. I have really been enjoying the leaves all changing colors. I find it very relaxing to look at the foliage when I'm driving to and from school. We had hoped to make a road trip to the mountains this past weekend, but The Doodlebug really hasn't been feeling well the past few weeks. In fact, after her friends left Saturday mid-morning, she took a shower and stayed in her bed the rest of the day.

So what about you? What did you do this past weekend?


sheila said...

Glad to see you back!

This weekend we just did the trick or treat thing. It's nice that the kids are old enough to go on their own. (how lazy do I sound?)

McEwens said...

Hey I see you are back... are things better>>>

Scrappy Girl said...

Glad you are back from your bloggy holiday...hopefully things are looking better! Love your Twilight countdown! I've missed your comments and posts.

The Source said...

Aww..the girls look awesome. You made the costume? Very cute! We didn't have any trick-or-treaters. Not one. And only the dog went dressed for Halloween from our house. Yes, we took Lucy trick or treating.