Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My bloggy friend Scrappy Girl has tagged me... woo hoo!

So, in order to do play along, I get to share some more stuff about me with things actually, so here goes....

1. I like a WIDE variety of music. Right now on my Ipod there's Paramore (We are Broken, Crush, Crush, Crush, Misery Business), Paul McCartney (Never Happened Before), Matchbox Romance (Monsters), and there's even some Taylor Swift (Come In With The Rain, Pictures To Burn)and Yiruma. Let's just say I have diversified taste. Probably comes from growing up in a house where my parents' musical tastes were polar opposites.

2. I cannot wait for Twilight to start playing at the theaters. I am so glad that The Doodlebug and I have enjoyed these stories as much as we have.
3. I joined Facebook at the suggestion of a friend of mine from school because apparently it was a big topic at the reunion and a lot of my former classmates are on there. I hardly ever check it out though...and I get razzed about not having loaded any pictures or anything...
4. I am starting back on my health kick seriously today. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to get some blood work done and stuff like that. I figure there's no time like the present to really get serious about this. I mean, ya'll, I bought a yoga mat yesterday at the store!

5. There are some serious moments where I consider just going back to work full time rather than continuing with school. But then I look at my daughter and I realize that I am setting an example for her.

6. I'll hijack this one from Scrappy Girl. I do not like sleeveless shirts. I think that unless you have toned arms, you should not put them on display for the world to see. And that's why there are no sleeveless shirts in my wardrobe.
7. I am not afraid to color my hair. Afterall, it always grows back out. But this time, it turned out too brown. I'm glad to report it's faded a little bit... next time I'm going blonde again even though I really want strawberry blonde hair. Maybe I'll do that eventually...

Boy, that's all boring isn't it? It's hard to think of something that I don't normally share on here. Oh yeah, and The Doodlebug designed the header. She wanted to try her hand at it so she made me something quick for Halloween.
But now the fun...I get to tag 7 people....

3. Jo
4. Sheila
5. and of course, I just realized I have to scoot out the door...anybody else who wants to play along, please do so...leave a comment and we'll follow you :)
Have a great day!

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Wendy said...

Nice to meet you Momster. Thanks for visiting my blog..:o)

Yes, Twilight has given me so much. But mostly it's given me a way to better communicate with my teenager. I will forever be grateful.

I whole heartedly agree with you both about sleeveless shirts! Toned arms "what's that"? Since I turned 40 Tone only has one meaning for me...Soap...heehee! Have a great day.