Sunday, October 5, 2008


Good morning.... it's a cool, crisp morning here in Momstertown. The birds are singing outside the window. There was a squirrel on the skylight in the bathroom this morning - which was rather strange yet entertaining. The Doodlebug isn't feeling she is still asleep. The UIC is downstairs, catching up on all the college football scores. I've just finished my workout and am sitting here listening to some music. Very relaxed.

While reading Scrappy Girl's blog yesterday I noticed she had been to a scrapbooking party. It inspired me to dig out a lot of my 'stuff' and sort through it. So I carried a majority of it to the living room and settled in the floor. I watched Rumor Has It and Mr. and Mrs. Smith while I made stacks related to different holidays or events. I have discovered that I have a lot of stuff that is too babyish for the tweener world we have entered. So...

For my Chore Of the Week I am going to tackle my scrapbook stuff. I need to get more organized. I need to weed out the stuff that I'm not going to use and organize what's left over. It's amazing when you sit down to look at all the stuff covering the living room floor and think about how much money you've spent on stuff that you are not using. I am also going to check with The UIC to see if he will go ahead and put shelves in the closet up here (since the shelf broke recently...from my putting too much stuff in there!) so that I can organize everything so that I know where it all is at. And then I can shut the doors and the family room can stay scrapbooking litter free.

What about you? Got a project you need to tackle? Come on and join me... :)


Scrappy Girl said...

You are very welcome for the inspiration...LOL!

Sounds like you have a great plan to get your scrappy stuff organized. I really need to paint in my scrap Space. If I could just prime the bottom of my cabinet and then paint it, the top, the bathroom wall, bathroom door, and the metal parts of the older than dirt windows I will be ready for carpeting! I just don't know if I am in the mood to do it alone...I need my Mommy back! LOL!

Hope you are having a great weekend...sounds like your morning is very peaceful.

sheila said...

I too, have scrapbooking to finish (at least I actually started it..never mind that it 8 years ago)

My big project is getting all my VHS onto DVD. I'm 1/2 way there. And I started that 3 years ago. lol

I should probably get started soon on the DVD I want to make for my daughters graduation party, of old clips, pics, etc set to music.

Slacker MOM II said...

Does this mean you are having a Party,,,count me in...Time? Place?