Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Day Is It?

You know it's going to be an interesting day when you first think that in the morning? What day is it? Do I have to get out of the bed....

But alas, I did. I had The Doodlebug to drop off. Cat to be fed. Laundry to be done. Astronomy class to attend. But I did something really stupid today. I drove all the way to school with hardly any gas in my tank. Then I drove back with the low fuel light on. I ended up stopping down the road and filling up - it took a little over 23 gallons. Don't think I'll do that again. I truly had to be running on the fumes at that point.
I've been busy studying. I think I did okay on my Biology exam last night. At least I now know what to expect from this professor. A lot of short answer and long answer questions. Why can't they all just give you multiple choice? Wouldn't that be easier?

This past weekend I read New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I am now working my way through Eclipse. I think I'm roughly around the middle of the book. So far, I've been enjoying them. I'm just curious where the story is going, so I found myself curling up in the recliner with the book after the rest of the family had gone to bed. Funny thing though - all this vampire reading has started the annual discussion around here about what The Doodlebug wants to dress up as. Last year she was a pirate and I made her costume. I'll look later for a picture of her dressed up - but it was adorable. And also a lot of work. This year she was originally going to be a vampire - I think she made that proclamation right after we finished trick or treating in 2007, but now she's not sure with the braces. So we are caught between being a genie and a vampire. My mother, bless her heart, just wishes she'd be something good. LOL

And I think that's about it. Except that Stalker A is going around and apparently telling everyone that The Doodlebug is his girlfriend. She was livid. We both had a good giggle about it after she went to bed last night. Middle school can be so much fun.


The Source said...

Ugh...sixth grade. :) Pip Squeak got into the car this afternoon and reported that he was chased down and tackled by a gaggle of girls at recess and then swung by the arms and legs. Quatro and friends rescued him, thank heavens.

I think Doodlebug would make a gorgeous little genie!!

McEwens said...

Oh Jr High! Glad you did, OK in Bio, it is a tough class!

Scrappy Girl said...

Yes, we are finding Junior High to be quite interesting too!

I am not quite sure where the story is going either. I am on Eclipse too. I am just glad I didn't start reading them before all 4 books came out. I can't imagine having to wait! LOL!

The Momster said...

I just finished Eclipse this morning. I have the next one sitting on the seat in the car right now. I figure if I get to campus early today, I'll start on it....rather than review my notes! How's that for student dedication???

Actually, I'm supposed to ask you...where did you get Manga Dork's Twilight t-shirt?