Monday, September 1, 2008

Water Woes

Well I started to cook dinner tonight to realize that we had no water. I made a quick call to my neighbor up the street --- she had water. So I went in search for the number for the water company and called their after hours number. They informed me that there was a water main break down the street and around the corner...and that was five hours ago. We went to my parents' house to get showers. But you know, there is nothing like wanting to go and get a glass of water, only to realize that you have no water. I certainly hope the water is back on in the morning, or we'll be back in the car and headed down to my parents' house to wash faces and brush teeth for school.

Friday I received a letter from the admissions office at school and I have to go by there in the morning to get this form to be completed and then hunt down my advisor, someone that I have never actually met face to face, then return this form to the admissions office. I am not happy about this. But by this time tomorrow night, it will all be over and done.

Today The Doodlebug and I went out to purchase several notebooks so that we could organize her school supplies a little bit better. A lot of money later, I think things might work out a little bit better for her. As a side note, Target has marked all of their school supplies 30% off, so now is the time to start stocking up on spiral bound notebooks and packages of notebook paper.

Astronomy isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. My biology class...well I'm still not sure. I was able to pull up the paperwork for this week's lab. There are 9 pages of questions. I'm hoping that my table partners are a little more enthusiastic about that than I am. At least this will be the last of the actual science classes that I will have to take. The others at least will teach me how to teach the subject.

In other words, it's been a boring three day weekend. Hope the week is better.

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The Source said... water. Some idiot crashed into a utility pole last night, knocked it into the road, hit several mailboxes, ran through yards and DROVE AWAY. Onstar called the crash in. It left our quiet little neighborhood without electricity for hours. They drove around in a majorly banged up Saturn leaking all kinds of fluids and finally turned themselves in. Mad driving skills.
Hope you get water today!