Monday, September 22, 2008

Sometimes It's Healthy To Ditch Class...

And that's what I've done tonight. I ditched. I'm playing hookie. And it feels good.

My Monday night class is always lecturing with a healthy sprinkle of class participation. She doesn't take attendance on these nights, and she doesn't give us bonus points for being there, so I decided while driving home today that I just wasn't going to go in. I was going to skip. Totally out of character. But I need to spend some time focusing on Astronomy as it is becoming more confusing...and apparently I am not alone in that assumption.

The UIC still took The Doodlebug to karate. In fact, they have just arrived back home. I have been pouring over my notes and textbook, trying to comprehend exactly what Dr. Astronomy wants us to learn. I was so frustrated after the first test that I'm just not sure what his teaching/testing style is at this point.

The weather has been cooler here, which has been an added bonus. I need to start pressuring The UIC about painting the house. We need to get a lot done outside. Like replanting shrubs. Cleaning up the islands. The change in the weather always makes me want to take on some type of project. If only I had the time!

Speaking of time, I'd better get back to the books. :)

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Jo said...

skipping out on a class every now and then is not a bad thing at all.

Weather here has been cooler too, down to 62 at night. Awesome to sleep with the windows opened up and all wrapped up in the duvet.