Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Bloggity Stuff

Well I got to come early tonight from Biology. We had a test...and then we could leave. I was out of there in less than 30 minutes. I called The UIC who was enroute to a meeting with The Doodlebug in tow and we met in the church parking lot and exchanged her. Now she and I are at home...and I have a dilemma on my hands.

Our next door neighbor got remarried sometime last year and her house stayed empty for a while. I think she's been holding on to it because a) it was a part of her last divorce settlement and b) she thought eventually her parents might retire up this way. Well, a while back her new husband's daughter and her baby and her boyfriend moved in. I think they are really young. I think they really don't get the responsibility of having to take care of a house and a yard. Not that our yards are huge, but they are a good size - and that means there's a lot of grass to cut. Needless to say...guess who's not been keeping up the lawn? But that's not even my point...I'm just painting a picture here. Yesterday when I got home from school the grass looked a little odd on the side of the driveway. I sat there for a minute and then I saw it. Someone had pulled into our driveway and driven across our side yard and was parked at their front door. I mean, I could see the indentation in the grass. It's still there today.

There was no way I planned on mentioning this to The UIC as he loves his grass and tries to take really good care of it. But I mentioned it tonight because it's been bothering me. Let's just say, he is less than pleased. I asked him not to go over and say anything. But then I started thinking...was that the right thing to do? I mean, what if they do it again? Maybe they don't get the big picture because they are living there and probably not paying rent...maybe they don't see that this is our yard and he had to work hard to cultivate the grass to grow over there where they drove their car? So... I started thinking. Should someone casually say something? What would you do in this situation?

And of course my Twilight obsession is continuing. I am now on the final book in the series. I just started it this afternoon while waiting in the car rider line at school. Reading sparks my imagination so much that I hate it when I get to the end of a book... I almost miss the people that I am reading about. The Doodlebug is enjoying the first book in the series. Several of her friends are reading it as well. I'm not sure about her reading the third book though. I told her last night I think she should wait till she's older. Now she's bugging me though - she wants a "Team Edward" shirt. Or a Twilight shirt. So now I am on the lookout. Anybody know where to buy a Twilight shirt?

Tomorrow we go in for the bracket repair on her tooth. Then tomorrow night is the dance. I don't know what she has done, but she is not being pestered by the boy in her health class anymore. And this means we have nothing to tease her about when she gets home. Aren't we bad parents??? But she's excited about tomorrow. I'm excited to have a day where I can catch up on the housework. Oh that sounds sad.

And I guess that wraps up this edition of Bloggity Stuff. Afterall, all this stuff's gotta go somewhere, right?


Ryzmomplus2 said...

wow, you have a lot on your plate... not sure about the neighbor dilemma, but that's not good! Chelsea just got the twilight book and then I'm going to read it after her.

The Source said...

Well...perhaps the young people next door are just really overwhelmed with their new responsibilities? Perhaps they just haven't figured out how to get it all done yet? Or perhaps they are spoiled and selfish and don't care if the grass is a mile high. Very young adults who didn't have to work hard to earn what they have tend NOT to take the best care of things. Maybe a friendly reminder that their baby could get lost in the yard-jungle or eaten by a snake?

However, driving through your yard which your family takes car of...I would definitely go say something. There's no reason for that. Tell them to drive through their own yard. Do they have a four wheel drive?

The Momster said...

Well he tackled the problem when he came home. I had been tempted to go over and knock on the door. Instead, I start to leave this morning...I pull out of the garage and start down our driveway. The UIC put these PVC pipes along the property line ... right where they had driven through. When I asked him about it, he said it was his more rational decision last night when he got back from his meeting.

I think that they are extremely immature and that they are over there 'playing' house with no real idea what it's all about. One look at them, and you'd know what I mean. I just wonder what the homeowner thinks...she always had such a nice yard. And it looks as though they drove around the house a few times... insanity.