Friday, September 12, 2008

Movie Night @ The Momster's

I think I have a confession to make. Now sit down...take a deep breath. Are you ready?

I had never seen a Harry Potter movie until about a month ago. Shocking, yes? Especially since I'm such a literary nut. But about a month ago, I was on our local library's website when I decided to see what movies they had available. And because The Doodlebug had been telling me how good they are... so I requested the first two. They were good. So tonight we settled in and she and I watched the 3rd and 4th movie. Now we've just got to get caught up on the rest of them. I think after I finish up the Breaking Dawn, I'm going to get her copy of the first Potter book and give it a whirl.

So what about you? Are there any movies and/or books that everybody buzzes about that you've never seen nor read?


Kelsey said...

Oh i just adore the Harry Potter movies and books! I have yet to read Breaking Dawn but think I may have to!

The Source said...

Ummm...the Twilight series. I only heard about it like last week?