Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Mania

Wow...we survived the weekend. Not that it was bad...but it seemed to be SOOO LONG. The UIC has had a few days off...that's probably what sparked the feeling. Everyday felt sort of like a Sunday afternoon until the actual Sunday afternoon rolled around.

Today we are back to business. Well, except for the fact that he'll be at home. He has an appointment this afternoon with the Dr. to see if the meds are working for his cholesterol issue. I certainly hope so. It's awful that genetics can doom you from the start! Especially when you appear to be healthy as a horse!

I found out over the weekend that someone that I am very close to has decided to go see a "Fat Doctor". Her words, not mine. What are your thoughts of these kinds of establishments? I always worry... I mean, if you can't lose the weight by doing what's nutritionally right, how is a Dr. who gives you diet pills and water shots really helping the situation? He told her that in a year's time, he could have her down to 135 pounds. That just seems so unreal to me. But I guess time will tell. Again, thoughts?

The Doodlebug seems to have settled into her routine of school, karate, and homework. The boys situation is still kind of funny with her variety of stalkers. I ran into a mom last week at the grocery store who was commenting about seeing her in the rider line at school and how much she's grown up. I sometimes worry about this. Not that I'm trying to keep her in a bubble...but I always looked so much older than I was when I was her age...and the boys! This week they'll have the first dance at school and I am so proud of her. To everyone who has asked her to go, she's simply told them that she is going with a group of friends. She said she'd save them a dance. Always the diplomat!

I have my first exam in Biology tonight. It explains why I could not fall asleep last night! I kept waking up thinking what is an ionic bond or the different levels of lifeforms on Earth. Needless to say, I'll be doing a lot of studying today. Astronomy is rolling along. We have a project due in there next week that I'm slowly working through. I actually enjoy his class. The Doodlebug drew him a Tweety Bird last week so I made sure to drop it off Friday. It's funny how excited he gets about Tweety. BTW, here's the picture. I scanned it for her -so it's a little dark. What impresses me with her ability is that she just came in here and asked me for a piece of paper and drew him, from memory, in like 4 or 5 minutes.

So I wish you a fantabulous day. I'm hoping to start back with the weekly COW post next week. Right now I just have so much extra stuff going on in the world around me....


Scrappy Girl said...

Doodlebug is very talented. I too get worried about boys, but so far Manga Dork is handling it well too. Hope ya have a great week!

The Source said...

A good friend of mine went and had a tummy tuck recently. She said it was the most awful thing she's ever been through. She'd been discussing getting a lap band, too. Not sure if she did, but she definitely looks thinner. She's quite heavy, though. In my opinion, if someone's really large and needs a little long as it's healthy help. As for me, the treadmill at the Y is my new best friend.

Doodlebug did a terrific job on Tweetie!

Oh, you had asked how Hubby likes school. He's doing fine, but a little irritated by some of the rude 18 yr olds in there. He'll get used to it, I guess. :)