Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wow...I'm exhausted

You know, if I really wanted to make you laugh, all I would have to do is post a picture of my hair right this minute. Because I think I fell asleep this morning around 2:30 - and it was wet.

But since this blog isn't about embarrassing myself, let me just state the obvious: I am exhausted. I know that The UIC said that he woke up a couple of times last night to the sound of laughter and video games downstairs. Last report was around 5:30 he told the girls to quiet down and get some sleep. I don't think that happened though.

Right now The Doodlebug is in the shower as I am hoping it will revitalize her. The last girl has left. I think they had a good time considering we didn't really have anything planned. I didn't have to pull anything out of my magic bag of tricks to keep them entertained. I think I have some funny renditions of the girls doing Taylor Swift karaoke though...I can't remember.

The downstairs is back to normal. We are going to head out and buy a birthday gift for my friend "D"s daughter, since she is having her party tonight. The Doodlebug is going, but I'm going to make her come home to sleep...otherwise she won't catch up on what she's missed before heading back to school on Monday. And with her, that means not only will she be cranky but I don't want to set her up to get sick since her system will be out of whack.

Excuse me...she just told me her system is already out of whack. That said, more later. Enjoy the day. It's windy thanks to Fay....

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Scrappy Girl said...

2 parties back to back...good luck with keeping her "not crabby." I know I WOULD be. Sounds like fun though!