Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sorting out my Sunday

I love Sundays. I love the relaxed feeling that seems to be ushered into the house on Sunday afternoons. Everyone sort of retreats to do their own thing after we get home from shopping. The UIC can usually be found in his recliner watching some sports. The Doodlebug is doing a variety of things. Chatting with friends. Creating on the computer. Watching a movie or drawing. Just relaxing and having fun. I'm usually reviewing what's coming up for the week. Playing laundry mistress. Straightening up the house. Trying to figure out what we'll have for dinner for the week. Just trying to make sure all the is are dotted and the ts are crossed.

This week looks like a busy one. We have our first adjustment for her braces. Then tomorrow night is Open House at the middle school. The UIC will be attending as I will have lectures to attend. It's the first time that I can remember that I have not gotten to go to Open House. She'll have her endurance test in Karate this week as she is working on her third stripe. He'll also get to take her to that, as it is the same night as my lab. We have year book to figure out what she's going to wear? I'll have another quiz in Astronomy. I think I did rather well on the one Friday - I know I missed only 1 question - but each question was worth 12 points, so that's an 88. At least now I'll know what to expect with his quizzes. I just hate that everything deals with so much math...

Fay has been sending us some unseasonably windy weather lately. And we've had more rain. The cloudy sky makes me long for fall. I love when all the leaves change. I love the sound the fallen leaves make underfoot. The smells. I love the colors - gold, yellow, orange... I love when the weather turns colder and you find yourself snuggling deeper into bed at night. Pulling out the sweaters to stay warm. Covering up with the afghans while watching TV in the evenings. It's all just such a wonderful experience. I love cooking large pots of soups and freshly baked breads. Shopping for Halloween candy and decorations. Debating with The Doodlebug what she should dress up as that year. I'm telling you, fall is an overload of the senses for me that has me longing for Christmas.

So that's what we are up to today. And as I am sitting here wondering what this weeks' COW should be...guess what just happened? The other shelf in the other bonus room closet apparently just gave way - because there was a loud 'sound' that sent The UIC and The Doodlebug in her to investigate. I turned them away at the door - I'm afraid to see what is behind that closed door. I might need to intercede with prayer - this might have to be the Holy C.O.W.


The Source said...

It's funny, but Sundays are exhausting to me. I guess because there never seems to be enough time in between morning church and evening church to do anything besides cook lunch, clean the mess and go back. Then we rush around to get prepares for Monday. Whew. I sent the Hubby with Darling Daughter tonight and stayed home!

Kay Bratt said...

I love Sundays, too! (I do agree about the time between morning and evening service, though..) But I get to spend some time reading, napping and walking my beautiful girl, Lexi. Sundays go way too fast....then back to work...uugh!


Scrappy Girl said...

I love Sundays. I would however like to "work" on not doing "work" on Sunday. Something always seems to come up!