Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh The Doodlebug

Today is the Doodlebug's 11th birthday. It's amazing to me to think that we no longer have a 'baby' but instead we are raising a preteen. I am so proud of her for being true to herself and being passionate about the things that matter to her.

Last night she was on the phone with a friend and we were tickled listening to her giggle...and giggle...and giggle. She told me when she got in the car Friday after school that this boy in her health class gave her his phone number. Is it time for this to start??? Oh no! I did tell her though that she can't just up and call a boy.

We're going shopping to celebrate her big day. Happy Birthday Doodlebug! XOXO


The Source said...

Doodlebug, we hope you have the best birthday ever! Shop till you drop, girl!

Jo said...

enjoying shopping Doodlebug! We have you have a wonderful birthday and would love to see the goodies you come home with.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Happy Birthday to the Doodlebug! The time sure flies by quickly