Monday, August 25, 2008

My Professor

My astronomy professor fits his job perfectly. Have you ever met someone that you could imagine could embody the idea of a mad scientist? Enter Dr. Astronomy. He is cut directly from the cloth in my opinion. But his class seems to be entertaining. The downside though of having someone this brilliant teach your course is that his thoughts are generally everywhere. So, in the class span of 50 minutes today, I think we had maybe 10 minutes of note taking time. There are days when he says something that my first thought is "....huh?". Take today when he starts asking us questions, more or less to review what we covered last week. For the first 10 minutes, I'm thinking "....huh?" Okay, I'm kidding... actually that's just how I feel every time he mentions something having to deal with math. But that's my problem with math. And this kid named Zach who sits two seats over from me. Who talks from the minute he walks into the room until it's time to leave. I feel for the person sitting between the two of us...she just looks at me like "Please make him be quiet!" Seriously today the Momma almost came out of me....

But back to Dr. Astronomy. He likes to take us outside a lot. Which would be okay, if it weren't so hot lately. Or at least it was hot last week. Right now we have rain and clouds, so we aren't looking for the sun. But we were last Tuesday. This picture of the sun was taken with a telescope. On August 18th. It was a clear day when we were outside. Around 11:45. In all honesty, it's fascinating. And I've done a little research on my professor. He's extensively researched Mars and Jupiter. He's been invited to speak at many conferences. He's published. But there's something that only his students know about him.
He has a little bit( translation: enormous) obsession with Tweety Bird. Apparently there are bonus questions where if you can draw Tweety, you can get bonus points. He stamps our lab papers with Tweety...if you don't have a Tweety, you don't get credit for the lab. And a Sylvester...well that just means that you obviously don't know what you are doing. Tweety comes up in some sort of context each class period. If you read about him on any of the rate my professor sites, all of his students mention the Tweety obsession. I sort of feel like I'm back in school dealing with Webkins.
But all in all, Dr. Astronomy's not too bad. His time management skills seem a little wacky to someone like me. But I think his class is going to be interesting and I feel like I'm going to come out of there with more knowledge about our solar system than I had when I walked through the door last week.
And after all, 5 days down... 56 more to go...not that I'm keeping a count.


Scrappy Girl said...

What a colorful character! I bet you won't be too bored in there. The Tweety thing is funny!

The Source said...

You should have no trouble drawing Tweety! Your professor looks a little like Darling Daughter's orthopedist. They have the same hairdo. Oh, and I think you definitely need to take some duct tape for the chatty boy...set it out on your desk and when he gets to yapping, motion to it and raise your eyebrows.