Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meet The Teacher

Well we had the official "Meet the Teacher" event today at the Middle School. The Doodlebug is thrilled that one of her BFF's is in her English class and chorus class. Her other BFF is on another team, so that was a bit of a bummer... but overall, she is very happy. And if she's happy, then we are all happy. There are actually a lot of kids on her 'team' that we know so that part was nice.

What cracks me up are these parents that have to be all bent out of shape because their child did not get whatever 'team' they had been told was the best. Hmmmm, hello? First off - I have had one of the 'best' teachers before .... it was a living nightmare. So I decided LONG AGO that apparently society's opinion of what is best and what is best for my child do not mesh. I mean, afterall what's important is your child's relationship with his or her teacher. Every child learns differently. This whole "our team is better than yours" mess can just stay at the door. I'm not interested. 'Nuff said.

Anyway, now we have this shopping list to go out and buy school supplies. Times have changed since I was in school. We used to have to go to school with paper, pens, pencils... you know, student stuff. Now teachers want hand sanitizer, paper towels, baby wipes...the list goes on and on. Okay. I've even heard that some team's requested a monetary donation in addition to their school supplies list.

We went for some pampering after we left the school. Manis and pedis and eyebrows are all done. It was a great time, but I felt like we were there forever. Tomorrow I think we'll plan something special to commemorate our last day of vacation. Then it's the first day of school. And next week will be crazy - school starts for The Doodlebug, we'll have our 15th anniversary and then The Doodlebug turns 11....


Slacker MOM II said...

My daughter needs some kind of a flash 128 card. Not sure what that is. I am happy that doodlebug is happy. Happiness for MS is a great thing.

The Source said...

Hope you both enjoy your last day of summer fun!

A couple of years ago Ryan got the "mean" teacher for third grade. We didn't ask to have him changed because I liked her. She was so experienced! She had him reading above grade level in a matter of months and his confidence rose tremendously. We liked her so much we ASKED to have Zach in her room the next year.