Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Been A Long Day

Wow - today has been one for the record books. I drove down to campus this morning to discover that we were under the threat of a severe tornado. Not sure if one actually touched down, but let's just say it was not fun trying to get out of the car and into a building while all of the sirens were going off. Once inside a building, I managed to get packed into a hallway with a large number of other students...for about 30 minutes. It was a little scary though and I am glad that it's over. We are expecting weather like this all week as well. Thankfully it didn't get that bad here at the house.

I've been studying a lot of different information about chemical compounds, trying to get a little bit of a head start on my lab for tomorrow night. Today we had the astronomy lab - it was interesting. A LOT of math. I'm almost finished with a majority of the follow up - I just have a few questions that I need to get answered.

I say this every semester - but one thing that I regret is not having finished my degree before (1) getting married and (2) having a child. Granted, I think you view it differently when you're the one responsible for paying the tuition, but then again, I feel myself racing against this imaginary deadline. It's like the rabbit chasing the carrot. And it can be a little unnerving when you finally reach that age where you realize those 'kids' in your class could actually be your kids. We have a different set of priorities. I worry about mortgages and gas prices and if I'm preparing healthy meals or even if I told The Doodlebug that I loved her when I dropped her off at school. They're thinking about parties and dating and all-nighters. They have no idea at this point that one day their idea of what a party is will change...or one day they'll be the ones signing that check for college textbooks and tuition for their children. I heard someone say today what she liked about college versus high school is that if you don't want to go to class, you don't have to. Because you're paying to be at college. I kept thinking, right but I pay property taxes that pays for my daughter's education...so technically I'm paying twice.

So that's it from this side of the screen. I'm hoping tomorrow isn't too bad. Astronomy lecture during the day and biology lab at night. At least I'm off Thursday - and Monday is a holiday. That's something to look forward to...


Scrappy Girl said...

A tornado warning would be scary. Luckily we don't get those very often. Manga Dork is terrified if it just looks like it is going to rain. I can't imagine if she had to actually hear the sirens!

The Source said...

OMG...and here I keep telling the Oldest that you HAVE to show up for classes in college BECAUSE you are paying for it. It's not free...so you better be there learning every moment you can to get your money's worth! Kids. Their perspective is so...different. Oldest is attending on a full scholarship and actually making money from it...but he's gotta keep those grades up or it's all gone.