Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is this a new trend in decorating????

Guess what The UIC is doing? Here's a hint... he's not intentionally making holes in our walls...he's trying to run cable to The Doodlebug's room and to our room and he's running another phone line downstairs so that we will actually have a working line in the living room. This first lovely picture is a hole in my living room wall - near the ceiling. Can you tell how happy I am about this one? Thank goodness we still have some of that paint!

But guess what? Our builder had some unusual ideas about how to frame a house. It has caused problem after problem today. Which is probably why the previous home owners had the cables just running along the siding on the outside of the house. But that just won't do for Mr. Perfect...he can't stand the sight of the outside of the house with cables on it. So he pulled the phone lines off the side of the house when we painted the living room a year or so ago. And all I've heard this afternoon is about how the builder did this or how the builder did that. I would hate to be the builder who he hires to build our next house... he'll probably drive them crazy!

Now this is the hole in my master bedroom - where I did a special paint treatment - and I don't know if I have any of these paints left. Can you say "Momster's not happy?". At least he did hear me screaming and hitting the wall (he was in the attic) when he started to go through the wall.

At least the hole here is tiny.

Oh, and who did he enlist to help him pull the wire that kept mysteriously disappearing into the great abyss known as "the wall"? This would be The Doodlebug - laying in the floor with her arm stuffed up into the wall...

Good grief, I think I hear him drilling above her room now - I'd better go and supervise!
And think about whether I really want him to move the vent in the laundry room...maybe we should have the house x-rayed first????

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