Monday, August 25, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that Christmas is just 4 months from today? Oh yes, dear friends.... it's almost time to deck the halls with balls of holly and time to get creative and jolly....

Actually I read something this morning that informed me of that fact. And it made me wish that, in my younger years, I had taken more pictures of the things that happened over time. Because back when I worked at the airline, I used to post a sign on my office door "Pay Days Till Christmas". It has always been known that I'm a little crazy about Christmas. But what was even funnier was when my office was moved one year...and the employees that commented about how they wouldn't be able to check my door to see how many more pay days we had to go.

My Mom is already talking about the holidays. She does everything UP BIG at their house. They have a party where they invite all of their friends that she and Daddy really look forward to. Last year they skipped having the party due to the fact that a few of their friends had lost loved ones. They both regretted it after the fact. So this year she's planning on having the party again. So she's planning when we'll all have to get together and decorate their house. Lights outside. Candles down the sidewalk. Trees everywhere. My favorite tree at their house though is the one that they put up in the foyer. It's gorgeous.

So, how early do you start planning the festivities of the season?


Kirby3131 said...

Ever since I moved 1200 miles away from my family (and DH's family) Christmas has been a lot different. We now go to the the hospital where my husband had a Liver Transplant on Dec 23rd, 2005 and we talk with others who are also spending Christmas in the hospital. We've done this just twice now, but I enjoy it.

I spend hours and hours looking for Christmas Cards now. I will begin in the next few weeks looking for the best cards. I send out a few hundred, all with a handwritten message.

Scrappy Girl said...


I am an early planner too. I have been talking to both sides of our family about what days we will be doing what. Dr. Hubby's family practically rolls their eyes at me. I love the holiday season and I want it to be as perfect as possible!

Last year I handmade ALL of our Christmas cards. I said I would not do it this year...but I think I might! LOL!

The Source said...

How early do I think about Christmas? About three weeks before it gets here. :)Christmas cards? If you send me one, I will probably send one back. That's about it. I know, bah humbug, right? But not really. We get very excited...just not too soon!