Sunday, August 3, 2008

C.O.W. - August 3rd

This week the COW is about taking care of myself. Don't you love these kinds of COWs?

1. Getting a mani and a pedi with The Doodlebug.

2. Getting the back to school clothes and supplies in order...we have 1 week to go till the bell starts ringing again.

3. Getting everyone (self included) back on a normal sleeping schedule.

and one final COW - house related...

4. Getting the living room situated and the curtains up - cuz the new furniture is here! They delivered it around 7:30 on Saturday morning. Talk about bright and early :) Oh yeah, and note to self - call to have the old stuff picked up....

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Scrappy Girl said...

I am SO looking forward to going back to school shopping! I love it! Our family has an annual back to school fashion show. It includes my niece and nephew too.