Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm feeling a little anti-C.O.W. this week. So there is no C.O.W. coming. I need this week for me. To get my head around some things that are going on and changing in my life.

I woke up this morning in a funk. I know no other way to describe it. Actually I woke up this morning when The UIC was heading out the door to go to work---because he had to work this weekend to oversee something that's going on. Then I fell back asleep, only to wake up about 30 minutes later to realize The Doodlebug had joined me. And then the cat came along, too. And we all snuggled deep into the covers because it was actually cold upstairs. It was nice. Until The UIC called and woke us all up.

Since I was awake I started cleaning the living room. Vacuuming furniture. The stairs...which I think are always a nightmare to vacuum around here. Loading the dishwasher. Trying to clean the kitchen. Straightening up the dining room. I need to figure out what I'm doing with all my craft stuff that's in there. Should I leave it there? Should I bring it back upstairs? I would really like to figure out how to take one of the closets in the bonus room and actually put the computer in there on some sort of desk. The closets are your average depth but they are long. I'd just like to free up the space where the computer is sitting now...I think.

But I've ran into a little disaster when it comes to this room. My very long shelf looks like it's about to fall. So it has prompted me to have to pull all of the craft stuff out of the closet. Which might prompt me to actually see what I have to do to be able to put a desk inside the closet and to get The UIC to put shelves across the walls rather than having the shelf that is in there now. I do not's all a part of this mood I think. I feel discombobbled.

I start back to class tomorrow night. I'm not ready. I need to go to the bookstore to buy my books but am actually going to wait and do it one day this week when I actually know what the professors want us to get. I know one thing - I hope that The Doodlebug never comes up with this idea to take a year off from school. Looking back I wish that my parents hadn't been okay with my wanting to take a break. Because then I ended up with the great job at the airline...and the rest, as they say, is history. I'd much rather have studied and applied myself back then so that today I would be in a more comfortable place.

That being said, week 1 down ....39 more to go as my friend reminded me the other day(of sixth grade). Time will start to fly from this point on till Christmas. Rumor has it that my nephew Joseph wants to marry Danielle before he gets sent to Oklahoma. But they haven't said anything 'official' ... but I've heard she is planning the wedding. This should motivate me to lose weight yes?

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