Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today Is The Day

I am sitting here thinking "This is the last morning I'll get to see her crooked little teeth". That is, if she ever wakes up. Today we have an appointment with the orthodontist. I've already bought the accessories for such a scrapbook page. I've already warned The UIC there will be no name calling.
Tin Grin. Metal Mouth. Tinsel Teeth. Jaws. Brace Face. Or Zipper Lips.

He's not allowed to 'rag on her' about her new jewelry. Not one bit. Or he'll have me to deal with. I think he'd rather be hit with a fast ball while standing at home plate. Teeth are not something that I play around with.

But I am a little worried. What if they really hurt when they put them on? I'm sure the procedures have changed a lot since I had mine in the 80s. My lovely niece Kayleigh just had her top teeth banded last week and is miserable. I've heard that it is harder once you are older to move your teeth. I would much rather have had this done at 10, almost 11, than at 19.

So while she's being banded, I'll have a consultation where I'll get the news. As in, how much this is going to cost me over the next year after our insurance is calculated into the equation. I have the feeling it'll be the equivalent of buying a small car. But it's an investment in our daughter. She's going to have a beautiful smile when this is all over and done. Then while they finish up, I'll be heading to the local Target to make sure to pick up a Waterpik, a lot of wax and some Motrin. Just in case.

I have no idea what to feed her for lunch or dinner. I'm going to make her pancakes for breakfast. Especially since she told me last week that my pancakes are better than her Dad's (sorry dear) or even her Grandmother's (whoo hoo! Momma makes The Best pancakes ever!). I'll take that as a compliment.


The Source said...

Ryan gets his on the 25th. Feed her something on the soft side. Nothing too chewy or crunchy. She'll probably just be a little sore for a day or two. The fun part is that these days they get to pick out weird colored rubber band things to go around each bracket. Heather would have a lim green/hot pink mouth one month and a blue/silver the next.

Teri said...

Ah, we have been through this two times already (over $10,000!). Just about to go Round Two for the youngest...yep, no more ortho deductible left.

The Momster said...

So far, so good. No pain. She just S M I L E S. Her only concern is when it comes time to brush tonight. I told her not to worry - and now they have those orthodontic toothbrushes for braces - which I think are way cool!

Megret said...

Honestly, I just got braces off for the SECOND time -- last week, in fact -- and the procedure seems to have gotten a little better since the first time (early 90s) -- not quite as painful, and even a little faster! Best of luck to her. And to you! I remember how much my mom had to nag me about brushing, flossing, etc. :0)

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