Monday, July 28, 2008

Mrs. Potato Head

I have spent probably the past 3 days studying nonstop at this point. My brain feels like the bowl of mashed potatoes that I made for dinner last week. Mushed. I did manage to finish reading the Cliffnotes version of Biology. But then I took a Peterson's practice test - and let's just say - I have dug out my friend's daughter's college level biology book today. It was not pretty.

Earlier I took a break and went down to see what was up with my parents' computer. I told Mom while I was there that I might have to push back taking the test till one day next week. I just feel like there's so much information out there - I feel a little like I'm in over my head by it all right now. I mean, do you focus on cells? atoms? ecology? The list could go on and on.

In the meantime, The UIC did some yard work this morning and The Doodlebug had karate tonight. Have you ever noticed who in your household seems to be the one who does things with the kids more? I am always the one who takes her to Karate. I had secretly hoped he would offer tonight as that would mean the house would be quiet. Nope. We discussed this issue in my psychology class once - in the context of how men stop being 'fathers' a lot of the times after a divorce. The idea is that women have such a strong bond with the children after carrying them and nurturing them, that men always feel a bit like they're on the outside looking in. Thoughts? Agree - or disagree?

The Doodlebug had company over the weekend. Nothing is funnier to me than to see girls try to stay awake all night long. They managed to do it - but not without a lot of activity to keep them busy. I tried to stay awake too..studying. I finally caved at 3:30 and went to bed. When I got up around 8:30 on Sunday morning, there were little bodies all over the downstairs furniture - sacked out. The UIC took the afghans down and covered them up. I, of course, snuck in with the camera. He said they were still awake when he got up around 6:30. They slept till around Noon.

Ah, what I wouldn't give for just one day of being 10 going on 11. Not a care in the world aside from what to wear on the first day of school or what I want for my birthday. Both, by the way, are coming up in the next few weeks. Summer is almost over - middle school here we come :)

PS - Did I mention that she earned another stripe in Karate last week? She's started her testing for her 3rd stripe - which makes her nervous and then she'll test for her green belt. Not bad considering she just started taking classes this year. She loves her Senai. He is a hoot :)


The Source said...

After my parents divorced I had to live with my father. He was involved to the extent of telling me to make sure I stopped by Burger King on my way home if I wanted to eat that night. But I got to finish high school with my friends. He remarried when I was a 23 year old. Since lies are the only things that come out of his mouth, we don't have any contact with him.

If for some reason my Hubby and I ever split, I feel certain he would have our children as often as possible. He is a wonderful dad and they love him very much.

Scrappy Girl said...

Don't envy you the studying. I have watched Dr. Hubby study for years. I hate studying. I hope you do well on your test.

Not sure about the divorce question. I haven't had much experience with that.

The Momster said...

Scrappy, The question really isn't about divorce - it was more who does things for/with the kids? You or your spouse.

Steph, The UIC has the same relationship with his mother ....