Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Mind Boggling - I know!

Recently I watched a repeat episode of Oprah. She had Lloyd Boston on the show and the focus was about women's fashions. Or rather, the women who traded in whatever had been fashionable in their wardrobe a long time ago for things like mom jeans, jogging suits, sweatshirts, overalls...the list could go on and on. One thing that stuck with me was...

If you go out in your 'good' clothes in your tennis shoes -you are a shlumpadinka. Really? Oh boy...

Hello, I'm The Momster over at Slacker Mom. I am a shlumpadinka.

It's not a statement that I am proud to make. I'm surprised that my friends haven't turned me in. I do have excuses. (Don't we all?) Such as the fact that I have broken several of my toes during the past few years, thanks to door frames and falling down stairs and The Doodlebug's queen sized sleigh bed. So my tennis shoes are comfortable. And I like my sweatpants and sweatshirts in the winter. And college tee-shirts and shorts in the summer. All of this self reflection has got me thinking...maybe my life is TOO comfortable. ?

I look back at pictures that were taken of me over time. Oh how I used to love clothes. Shopping was like an addiction. I loved buying the newest trends. The heels. Cute stuff. I can remember being stylish and sophisticated at work. Fun loving when we'd go out. So what has happened to me???

I think part of the problem is that I keep saying "When I lose this weight...". Hello, I'm The Momster at Slacker Mom and I'm spending my days wasting my life away waiting for the make believe world of when I to come along.

So as I sat there and I watched Mr. Boston take these everyday women to the ever day stores (Target, Old Navy, Kohls, Gap, and JCPenney) I started thinking..."When was the last time I bought myself a complete outfit? Top to bottom to shoes." I drew a blank. Truth be known, I hate shopping now. I am what you might call "busty" so it's always a thrill shopping for something that fits. Because I have a hard time connecting the 'me' that I used to know to the 'me' that I am right now. This isn't my body. Those are my thighs. Where did that come from? And finally, how did those get down there?

Therefore, I've decided something has to be done. My decision is that I need to take myself shopping. Sweatshirts and jeans might help me blend in with the crowd at college (Stop laughing - I do NOT look like their mothers!) but it's really not doing a lot for my morale. I've decided to start with something simple. Two new outfits. Not too casual. Something comfortable but more chic than a college football t-shirt and denim shorts. Sort of like "My child won't die of embarrassment if I have to walk into the school or if we run into anybody we know in a fifty mile radius of home" clothes. I'll even trade in my Reeboks and Keds and flip flops for some fun shoes.
I think one of the ladies on the show summed it up the best - she said (this is where I paraphrase) that it's okay to take care of yourself while you are taking care of your family. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little T.L.C. (and I don't mean TOO LOOSE & COMFY). I do believe that we as moms make excuses for the way we look. Rather than buying something for ourselves, we spend years spending that money on our children. And it's important to do that for our kids, but it's also important to treat ourselves with the dignity and respect that we desire - it's okay to buy yourself something new. It's not hurting anyone if I go out and buy something for me for a change.

Anybody else out there find themselves in the shlumpadinkas? What would be the hardest thing for you to give up from you shulmpa-wardrobe?


Kelly - PTT said...

I totally fit in this category. When I started working again a year ago, I got a cute haircut and began wearing makeup on a regular basis - and my daughter was really impressed.

For so many years, I put my own "fashion" needs at the bottom of everything else - partly because of the "as soon as I lose this weight" syndrome - and now I'm starting to change that. A couple nice outfits and and a cute hairdo does make a difference in the way I feel about myself.

But my decade-old shorts, t-shirts and sweatpants still have a place of honor in my dresser all summer when I don't work;)

Great post.

Kelly said...

I think is a message that so many of us need to hear. I know I sacrifice things that I would have done for myself for my family. I needed to be reminded that it's okay to take care of them as well as myself.

What a wonderful post!

Jennifer said...

Wow - you mean if I prefer wearing my walking shoes, I'm a shumpadinka? Oh boy. Looks like I need to do a little retail therapy.

a Tonggu Momma said...

HaHaHa! Here's a post about MY wake-up call:

Talk about a dagger to the heart! I also went up a size this year (ouch), so I made more of an effort and bought some new clothes. They are still capris, but at least they are new and slightly stylish capris.

The Source said...

I never go out in sweats, but I do get into the comfortable stuff as SOON as I get back home. My son's girlfriend typically sees me either in t-shirt and shorts or a wet bathing suit. She probably thinks I'm a slob.

Scrappy Girl said...

Well, you have read my posts on buying new outfits for NYC and I must say that I felt SO good in my new clothes. I also was putting off my life for when I am my goal weight. I say LETS ENJOY THE NOW! Amen sister.

The Momster said...

Well, just because I want to keep it real - let me relay for you what just happened.
Today I am studying Biology so I am in comfy wear - adidias capris and a tee shirt. I tell The Doodlebug that we need to run to Barnes n Noble to find the cliffnotes. We hop in the mommymobile - and guess who we see on our way out? My friend J.C. ! I thought I would D I E right there on the spot. Shlumpakinka strikes again!


Sarah said...

Oh how funny - I must have missed this show - because it sounds like they were taunting my everyday wardrobe! Maybe there is a recovery group locally?

Arleigh said...

First of all, thanks for continuing to comment at my site. I've been MIA for a bit. I think I fit into to that category too, and not just with pregnancy. Working at a bookstore where we can dress very casual spoiled me I think. I used to have a fancy mall job where I wore dresses and heels... and is also the time when I was dating my husband. Bet he thought he was getting a sophisticated woman!! After this pregnancy I plan to dress a little better.

Angela said...

I'll be honest. I wonder sometimes what my husband must think when he comes home at the end of the day. Does he wonder where the person went that he used to know? What kind of example am I setting for my children if I run around like this each and every day?

Thank you for making me think.

The Momster said...

I realized something tonight - my mother did exactly what Kelly from PTT mentioned earlier. The same thing that I do myself. That self sacrificing that we do, as mothers, for our families.
I know now it's important that I realize it is time to make a difference in my life - not only for myself, but because The Doodlebug sees everything that I am doing and I don't want her to lose herself one day as well.

Thank you so much for your comments today!