Sunday, July 20, 2008

C.O.W. - Week of July 20th

This week's COW is basically a catch up COW. I didn't hang the wallpaper border in the laundry room last week because I wanted to make sure that the paint had time to do whatever paint is supposed to do since I used a glaze. So here's the 'catch up COW' list:
  • Hang the laundry room border.
  • Figure out how to refinish this French inspired clock so that I can use it in the laundry room. It was a steal at a local outlet store - I think I paid $1.99 - and it works!
  • Sort through the 'stuff' that had been on the laundry room shelves... I'm sure I can get rid of a vast majority of the stuff.
  • Study for the CLEP - I figure the Chore of the Week doesn't always have to be about the house.

So that's this week's COW. Anybody else got a chore for the week?

1 comment:

Jo said...

go through the kids clothes in this weeks COW for me. It is unreal the amount of clothes they have and with K having a b-day in less than 2 weeks I best get smaller clothes out of her drawers to make room for the new ones. Seeing as how she has told everyone she wants clothes and shoes for her birthday. LOL