Sunday, July 13, 2008

COW - July 13th

One thing that I learned last week: If you type it out, you'd better be prepared to actually do it. Actually having it in writing last week helped me to meet my goals because what if the two people who read my blog actually show up on my doorstep? Would I run upstairs in a panic and slam the door to the room? Or, gasp, what if The Doodlebug showed it to her Grandmother while spending the night? Because if I haven't shared with you before, my Mom has never the type of person to put off tomorrow what could be done today. She's like a superhero when it comes to keeping everything neat and tidy around her house. But I digress.....
So this week's goal is to FINISH WITH THE LAUNDRY ROOM. This means everything back in its place. New hoses for the washing machine, a new recessed outlet in the wall for the hoses as well. New plate covers. The shelves back up and the room finished. Room painted and border up. I also need to find a way to clean the floor because of the laundry detergent bottle that I dropped - it got on the floor and feels gross even after mopping several times. I'm going to have to wait for the UIC to come home to install the new recessed wall outlet, but I can get the rest of the things done on my own.
So here's hoping this accountability works for a second week in a row. Anybody else want to play along?


Jo said...

My COW this week is to go through all of the kids clothes with them. With K having a birthday in less than 3 weeks she needs to make room for all the clothes I know she will get from family and friends.
We will donate them so part of the COW is to actually get them out of the house and to their new home.

The Momster said...

That's a great idea. We start back to school in less than a month now - I need to go back and just make a list of what The Doodlebug needs clothing and shoe wise. Good luck with your COW!