Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday at the Movies

Guess what we went and saw today?

I have to say, we all enjoyed this movie a great deal. I wasn't sure what to expect, because I remembered the tv series but it was an entertaining movie. If you haven't seen it, it's worth the cost of admissions - there are some really good laughs.

After the movie, the UIC needed to exchange something at the store and then we went and ran some errands. The Doodlebug and I picked out some new fabric to recover her memory board and then we had pizza at one of our favorite restaurants. I'll be honest, I'm still a little shocked at how much everything continues to go up because of the outrageous gas prices. We go here frequently and it seems like the prices just continue to go up and up and up.

Speaking of gas prices, did you read the story about the two girls who are protesting the gas prices because their parents turned off the cable? I know when we filled up our two vehicles on Monday, it was around $130. Did you know that gas stations are set to stop the pump at $49 if you use your debit card at the pump and $100 if you use your Visa? I'm just grateful we don't still have our Jeep, which only got about 8 miles a gallon. Could you imagine?

The UIC is taking a few days off because he's been having a lot of back pain... I think it's because he does so much during ball season. I'm hoping that during this time we go out and pick out our new living room furniture and do a few small things around the house. I think tomorrow The Doodlebug and I are supposed to go off with my Mom. I am waiting for her to call me back and let me know how Daddy's stress test went this morning.

I just wish it would cool off - so that poses the question - what do you do when it's just too hot to be outside?

Have a thrilling Thursday!


Scrappy Girl said...

Manga Dork and MIL are going to see this movie at 7:15 tonight! They are having Mama/Granddaughter time today. I am jealous. I had thought about seeing if hubby would let me sneak out for the 10 pm showing. I hate gas prices too. My Escalade chugs it!

Slacker MOM II said...

Have you thought about going to the Windsor resort????

Scrappy girl-You should make time to go see GetSmart. It was so good.

The Momster said...

I have thought about making reservations Slacker II - this stuff is just icky!

Scrappy, go see the movie. It's worth it!

Linda said...

Hi, first time here. I was wondering if this movie was good or not. They're so expensive, I wait and wait until I read enough reviews to validate the expense!

The Momster said...

Just to make sure, we went to the matinee -4.50 each - that was better than the 8.00 shows tonight.
It was good - but I wouldn't have paid 8.00 a pop.

Hope you enjoy it - and thanks for visiting!