Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Things

Random Things at 1:50 in the morning...

1. I love to watch the movie The Women when I can catch it on TV, so I am really excited about the remake that will be released this year. But I'm not sure about Meg Ryan as Mary Haines - I still cannot believe she cheated on Dennis Quaid - even if it was with Russell Crowe.

2. I am very unhappy that Moonlight has been cancelled. As corny as the backstory was, it made for entertaining Friday night television.

3. I wear glasses. I have a pair of contacts somewhere in the bathroom in a drawer. I wish that I didn't wear glasses most days but my eyes get really dry lately.

4. I love to watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E. I find the show to be hilarious and that he is just one big geek.

5. I do not watch daytime TV. I can't get caught up in Judge Judy and As the World Turns. Maybe it's leftover from being a kid, but there is so much other stuff to do - why sit and watch TV?

6. But I do love Matt Lauer and will watch the Today Show if I am at home.

7. I like to sing Karaoke with the Doodlebug.

8. I sew about once a year - to make her Halloween costume. That's about it.

9. I have never wished that I was short. I am one of the few women that I knew growing up who enjoyed being tall. My mother always made me feel proud for being tall - even though I'm only 5'9".

10. In my family, my husband is the shorter man - he's 6'. Everyone else is taller.

11. Coughing my head off at 2 in the morning is not my idea of fun.

12. I'm secretly excited for the Doodlebug to start middle school this August. I had a great time in middle and high school so I'm looking forward to all that she'll get to experience.

13. I am guessing 12 things are enough 'sharing' for the middle of the night. I'll probably look at this tomorrow and go "wha????"

I hope you're having sweet dreams :)

The Momster


Anonymous said...

Dennis Quaid cheated on Meg many times during their marriage. So I don't think we can really blame her for falling for Russell Crowe after he did that to her.

Slacker MOM II said...

Hope you are feeling better.