Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Momster & The Chocolate Cake

Teri's comment left about cakes and icings made me think of this. When I was a little girl we went to my grandparents for some random Saturday and Sunday. When I was little, we had the tendency to go and spend the night more than we did as I grew older. I don't know if it's because it took us longer to get there and therefore they wanted the trip to be worth it or what. But I digress....

My Mamaw G. was a phenomenal cook. Her dishes were so wonderful, you would start to salivate just wondering what she was going to cook up the next time you'd go and visit. She had a huge garden so most of the foods we ate were grown with her TLC which made it that much better. And I don't recall her ever using a mix to make a cake. Not like her granddaughter...who makes microwave cakes ...but again, I'm off on a tangent.

One time, she had made this two-layer yellow cake with chocolate icing. I don't know what possessed me - but you know that feeling where you'll think "If I just get the icing off the plate, nobody will know?" and then it progresses to "They'll never know I've eaten all of the icing off the cake will they?" Well I confess, I had one of those occasions. I will never forget her calling me into the kitchen (seems like they had company too!) and her standing there in front of that naked cake as she asked me what had happened to the icing.

Do you think I initially confessed what I had done? Because I didn't. I played it 'wide eyed and full of wonderment'. I don't remember what she finally said to end the conversation, but I have the feeling I probably collapsed against her, sobbing about it. She was such a wonderful lady, she probably would've just made me up a batch of icing if I'd just asked. All I can remember is always feeling that unconditional love. She loved me enough to let me eat all the chocolate icing off of the cake and then laughed about it. I hope that I can channel a little bit of Mamaw G when things like that happen in my life.

Next time I make a cake, I might just have to mix up an extra batch of icing - and invite The Doodlebug in for an afternoon of Mamaw G memories.


Scrappy Girl said...

Too funny. Love that story. You made me think of my Granny. She was just diagnosed with cancer and it tears my heart out. She was a great cook too. Her canned pickles are cherished like prizes. Thanks for adding me to your "Blogs I Visit" list.

The Momster said...

Thanks Scrappy Girl - I love stories about my grandmother.