Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am one of those people who enjoys a little retail therapy every once in a while. I find myself at places like Target, Kohls, Macys, and Penneys for clothing therapy. When I want a little arts and crafts therapy, I head over to Hobby Lobby, Joann's, or Michaels. Well yesterday my plans got a little sidetracked because I had a few things I needed to return to Kohls, and a pair of hiking boots to return for the UIC and something to take back to Target. After handling my returns I headed home. I decided to stop at the local Michaels as:
1) It was on my way
B) There was a sheriff's car riding my bumper (this made me nervous, hence the need to turn)

I went into Michaels and found the cute little scrapbooking tags packets I was looking for. I walked around the store...just to take in everything that was new. I walked over to the classroom to see if Barbara, our favorite instructor, was there - but she was not. So I asked the cashier, whom I've known from my 2+ years of taking The Doodlebug to Saturday morning crafts, if they had an activity calendar for the summer. She told me that now the only class Michaels offers is Cake Decorating.

Cake Decorating? What? I like a pretty and festive cake as much as anybody else, but what happened to the kid's week long painting with Katherine? Crocheting? Cupcakes with Jennifer? All the things that The Doodlebug looks forward to doing each and every summer. She then informed me that they no longer have 'craft' on Saturdays. It's some kit thing you buy for $5.00 and you do it with the children. Well that's great, just great. The thing we (that's The Doodlebug and I) enjoyed about our Saturdays at craft was that she gets to hang out in the classroom with Barbara and I get to wonder the perimeter of the store to my heart's content and explore all new things crafty.

I am very disappointed. I told The Doodlebug before I picked her up for her dental appointment. Her disappointed is equal to my own. We've decided that we may have to venture over to Hobby Lobby and see what classes they offer. Preferably on an evening when it's not near 98 degrees outside. Disappointment is a dish best served cold.

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Teri said...

Oh my, how can they not have kiddie crafts on Saturdays? That's just wrong. My kids' idea of decorating a cake when they were younger was to eat all the icing from the bowl except for the tiny bit they saved on the icing knife. You know, to decorate the cake. Then it was sprinkles galore. Hey, I could teach that class.

Great blog!