Friday, June 27, 2008

It's The Weekend!

I am so glad to see the weekend rolling around. The UIC is doing some state Little League tournaments, although he is not allowed to actually officiate any games with his back, or he'll have to come home and answer to me! But this means he'll be out of the house for a majority of the time. The Doodlebug has her weekend all planned out. Tomorrow she is going to see her friend get her blue belt in karate and then she's going to spend the night, so she'll be gone most of the weekend, too.

So, what are my plans? Well... in all of my deep cleaning here at home, I've been taking things that were out of place to one of two rooms...the bonus room and the guest room. So I plan on tackling those tomorrow to try to return them to some sort of order.

Next I plan on priming the walls in the laundry room and the upstairs hallway. We've been putting off painting the hallway since we moved in and personally I'm tired of waiting. Why not do it today so you can enjoy it tomorrow? That may become my new mantra!

If I'm not completely pooped from these projects, I want to move all of the pictures downstairs to the dining room and start sorting them out so that I can try to get semi-caught up with my scrapbooking. Oh, and I also want to finish up The Doodlebug's memory board for her room.

I think that I found the furniture that I want in the living room today. Very simple - a traditional couch and two recliners. I've never picked anything like this before so I've really got to think about it. The couch is a neutral color and the recliners come in a bordeaux that I think will go with my curtains and color scheme. I took The UIC today to see them, for his opinion. He fell in love with the recliner and said whatever I thought was best, he would agree if he gets that chair.And all this time - I've thought a way to their heart was through their stomach! Huh. I've just got to decide if it wll fit in the room the way I want it to and if it will work together.

Anybody else taking on any projects for the weekend?


Scrappy Girl said...

Just found out we are having our family 4th of July cookout/party here in my backyard and have LOTS of overnight guests coming. So you ask "Any projects?!" What do you think? LOL!
Scrappy (Who is trying to keep her cool and not completely lose it)

The Momster said...

Oh Scrappy Girl! Nothing like company coming to motivate!!!

Good luck!

Jo said...

it is along weekend here for us. Tuesday is Canada day and both hubby and I have Monday off as well so we plan on enjoying our very long long weekend. Itis to rain for most of it but that just means we can stay inside with the kidlets and play games and just enjoy being together.