Saturday, June 7, 2008

How May I Help YOU?

Do you ever wonder what Lucy Van Pelt would say to people if she could really offer advice? Like if there was a 1-800-psy-help line number to call and straight from the hip Lucy answered the phone? Ah, there are days that I'd like to be Lucy.

There are people who call me when something is wrong. You know the type, where you answer the phone and at first you think it's a heavy breather. Wow - I haven't gotten those calls since high school!Only to realize that someone is so emotionally upset that they can't find the words to speak, hence the heavy breathing. That's when I generally go from being The Momster to being the Therapist.

I wonder what Lucy would say to these people? Would she say something like "Oh for once, will you just get a grip? It's not all about you-you-you. The world doesn't revolve around you. I am sick of it - sick! Stop being this weepy eyed whoa is me pain in my backside! Now put on your big girl panties and build a bridge and get over it already will you?!!!"...or maybe that sounds more like Christine on Grey's Anatomy. Or better yet, my friend Stacey, the high school history teacher. Think I can call her up and ask to borrow a little moxie?

Until the next time.
The Momster

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Scrappy Girl said...

I have definitely found myself wanting the "nerve" of Grey's Christina. I have several people in my life that need to hear some of her wisdom!