Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Girl That I Was

So I was digging around through some of my pictures today and came across these. Boy, the memories that come flooding back. The funny things, the sad things, the embarrassing things that we do in our youth!

Rhonda, Dawn and The Momster

This was taken in Chicago, December 1985. Rhonda and I had bought berets while shopping. Somewhere I have a picture of the guys in the berets, but I can't figure out where I put them. Anyway, we thought we were 'it'.

Tigger, Pooh & The Chipmunk

Here's another picture from Chicago. I think this was where we waited for the elevator. Anyway, as you will note the hair was very interesting in the 80s. Rhonda has the beginning of what looks like a mullet cut, I have extremely BIG hair. Dawn's the only one who looks normal - but that's just cause she has on the hat!
3 Girls by the River

Here we are in Savannah. Notice the pose. Obviously someone was a little full of herself at this time. Dawn really should be ashamed of herself (LOL). We were 'dressed' for a cruise on the river if memory serves me correctly. This was probably in the ninth grade.

Savannah Beach
And because I can't just pick on the girls, here is another shot. This is me...with my 'crush' at the time. At the beach in Savannah. Notice how I am completely dressed for the beach in my preppy attire? And did you notice the hair? And look at my feet - I have on jellies! So, see all styles come back around!

Ah, The Momster, Steve and Dawn strut their stuff ...
and btw, Steve is the guy who had the locker below mine for many years - hence all of those books being dropped on his head and his attire. Gotta love that Steve!


Scrappy Girl said...

Too funny...I love to look back at my photos too. I will have to show these pics to daughter. She is having an 80s nightclub 13th birthday party.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

OMG that is too cute! Your lucky to have so many fun pictures of your younger days. I never wore the jellies, but my daughter did? Oh, now I feel old???

The Source said...

ROFL...nothing says "Born in the seventies" better than names like Dawn and Rhonda.

I love the flashbacks. If my scanner worked I'd share my pics, too. My BFF hot rolled her hair before AND after school. The bigger the better!