Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BooMama's Hosting A Before & After...

So, have you been over to BooMama's little corner of the cyberworld lately? Because she's hosting a little 'before and after' bloggy extravaganza.

The idea is to pick a project or a lot of projects around the house that you want to accomplish and get them done by July 25th. Well this is just the sort of thing that I need to do to get myself motivated. After all, being the list maker that I am, I have a LONG detailed list of things I'd like to get done around the house. And since I spend SO MUCH time in my laundry room, I decided to make that my pet project.

So heaven help us, here is the laundry room now - excuse the mess. It's my least favorite place (for the obvious reasons).

My goals with this room are as follows:
1. Board it up and never use it again - ha!
2. Prime the walls
3. Paint the walls
4. Hang my cute laundry border that I've only had for 4 years now!
I'm okay with the shelving for the most part, but I would like to dress it up a little bit. I mean, I spend a lot of time in there so it might as well be nice. Now I'm going to stop here, otherwise I will delete this post and not show you this picture!
and yes, that is a pink piece of duct tape on the front of the washer. It's a long story....

Until the next time....I'm keepin' it real!

The Momster


The Source said...

I will NOT be posting a similar photo of my laundry room...two teenagers just returned from different trips and upended their suitcases in the laundry room floor! I've been wanting to spruce up that room, too. Maybe I'll take the challenge, too. But frst I have to clean it up enough for pictures!

Slacker MOM II said...

Look at the size of your laundry room. It doesn't look bad at all. Now you know what mine looks like so come on down and do your magic here.
See you later.

Scrappy Girl said...

Posting a pic of your laundry room...brave. LOL! Best wishes with your project. I love my laundry room border. Can't wait to see the after photo!

Connie Jean said...

Good luck with this. I want to work in my laundry room as well. It is bare (no shelves, no paint, no nothing). I can't take it anymore... I am in this room FAR too much to just sit and look at blank walls, LOL. I hope you get what you want accomplished. I'll be checking back :)

OhLookADuck said...

And look how different God created people--laundry is my very favorite thing to do! We had to get a front loader because I was beating the daylights out of our clothes. Well, okay, we didn't *need* to get a front loader, it's just I'd rather have a new and fancy washer than a new or fancy car, if I had the choice. Yeah, some consider me tweaked. I just consider myself one who never has to worry about having clean clothes. Floors?? What? I can't hear you! Connection must be bad or something...

Do you have laundry soap you love to smell? I *love* Tide and Downy's Vanilla and Lavender. It makes me want to throw another load in the washer or dryer--now they need to make a room freshener with that scent. Forget it. I just need to put my bed in the laundry room. Gee. Wonder what my husband would think of that?

Good luck on your project. I hope you enjoy it and never want to board it up!

The Momster said...

You know, I like doing laundry - just not in the hot days of summer. In the winter, I love taking all of the warm clothes out and sorting and folding them then and there.

At our first house, the laundry room was off of the kitchen - I loved that little space. Here it is upstairs - not bad - at least no dirty clothes are downstairs now. But the room is drab and it's too warm in there most days with everything going.

Once the project is done, I'll love it and won't dread it as much! And I love the smells of detergents and fabric softeners, too! But recently I bought some different brand of softener and I HATE the way it smells. Blah.