Sunday, June 29, 2008

Attention Michaels Shoppers!

I believe when you find a good deal, you should share it with your friends and loved ones. So here goes....

1. If you are on Michaels mailing list, they have sent out some lovely coupons. I got 50% one item each day of the week until July 5th. The lady in front of me got 40% so I don't know how they determine who gets what, but what a deal!

2. Today from 4 pm till 8 pm, if you go in their stores, there is a coupon that will get you an additional 25% your total purchase. This includes sale items. I'm going back. I want to get another collage frame for the landing and they are 40% off right we are talking about a $30 frame for around $13.50. Not bad in my book!

3. If you are unhappy with the present situation that Michaels has taken ALL of the craft classes(scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, drawing, painting, etc) out of their stores with the exception of Wilton (because they have a six year contract), contact them via phone at 1-800-642-4235 or write them :
Michaels Stores, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
8000 Bent Branch Dr.
Irving, TX
I had a chance to talk to one of their employee's yesterday and was given the scoop yesterday. I didn't realize that Michaels had been bought out by another company two years ago. They severed ties with all of their programs (with the exception of Wilton). I am really unhappy about this though because with the cuts that arts are taking in the school systems, it was nice to know that we had access to it at places like Michaels. There's a difference with being crafty and being artsy - I am crafty and The Doodlebug is artsy. She is a paints and draws and creates. I like to make things. It's hard for us to sit down and do things that expand her talents because we are different - and this is the case with a lot of parents. So if you are concerned, now is the time to share your opinion with Michaels. I've heard of customers picketing stores in other counties and states - people are not happy. And the only way to advocate change is to let your voice be heard.
Okay, off my soap box - really this post was just going to be about the good deals! Blah. Enjoy your Sunday!


Slacker MOM II said...

Was that your picture I saw posted on the Michaels website about "crazy" parents picketing their stores? Hope you survived the storm.

The Momster said...

Well actually I'm sitting here painting my protest signs right now while I watch Army Wives... :)

Storms were actually a treat - I love the rain!